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XFR, UFR: They have approx. 300bhp/ton.


Short: XFR

Front engined, front wheel drive
Engine: 2.0 litre inline 4

Power: 172 kW (230 bhp) @ 7219 rpm
Torque: 260 Nm (192 lbft) @ 5125 rpm
Total Mass: 840 kg (1851 lbs)
Power-weight: 204 W/kg (279 bhp/ton)
Weight dist: 59.0 F 41.0 R
Fuel tank capacity: 70 ltr

Front suspension: MacPherson Strut
Rear suspension: Trailing Arm

Take everyone's favourite hot hatch, stick slicks on it, thrown in a beastly 2.0 engine, throw out some weight, then clad it in some mean racecar bodywork and this is what you end up with. The most powerful FWD car in LFS, it brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "power understeer". Requires smooth driving. Is a competitor to the UF GTR.

Setup tip: Wheelspin frying the front tyres is the main nightmare behind these cars, so keep the suspension soft, lock the differential as far as it will go on the power side and use the coast side to control lift off oversteer. Keep zero toe on the front wheels, and keep tyre pressures LOW. Although this makes the tyres easier to heat up, the extra grip will be more beneficial in preventing wheelspin, so in fact the tyres will generally be cooler.



Short: UFR

Front engined, front wheel drive
Engine: 1.4 litre inline 4

Power: 134 kW (180 bhp) @ 8227 rpm
Torque: 178 Nm (131 lbft) @ 5871 rpm
Total Mass: 600 kg (1322 lbs)
Power-weight: 223 W/kg (304 bhp/ton)
Weight dist: 62.0 F 38.0 R
Fuel tank capacity: 60 ltr

Front suspension: MacPherson Strut
Rear suspension: Trailing Arm

While it has less power than its competitor, the XF GTR, its lack of weight more than makes up for this. On twistier circuits it will eat the XF GTR (and a couple of sets of tyres), but loses out on the straights. Certainly requires smooth driving. Whoever said Minis were boring?

Setup tip: See the XF GTR's tip.


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