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If you like you can save the setup configuration and load you saved configurations too. With every start of DediGUI 2 the last configuration (dedigui.dss) will be loaded!
If you like you can save the setup configuration and load you saved configurations too. With every start of DediGUI 2 the last configuration (dedigui.dss) will be loaded!
== Join2LFS ==
By Holger "cr4zy!C3" Reitner [email protected]
=== What is Join2LFS? ===
Join2LFS is a little tool, which makes it possible to join a LFS server by clicking onto the Join-link at LFS World (http://www.lfsworld.com), the famouse and unique statistic website for Live For Speed.
=== Installation ===
* Extract all files of the zip archive into the LFS root folder. Start Join2LFS by running the file Join2LFS.exe.
* Click on Install to register the link-type lfs://.
* Now it's possible to join a server directly from LFS World by clicking on Join beside the server in the server list or in the Live Alert beside you buddy.
* Close Join2LFS.
To get Join2LFS working on Ubuntu with FireFox, see [http://www.lfsforum.net/showthread.php?t=51294]
=== How to use Join2LFS ===
Click on a Join-link on the LFS World website. Join2LFS will pop up displaying the Server name and a password field. If you like to join a public server with a password (e.g. if you are an admin), just type in the password and click "Join" or leave the password field blank if you don't want to enter a password.<br>
If you are about to join a private server (password prodected) the tool tells you that you have to define a password to join this server.
If everythings ok just click "Join" to join the server. <br>
All defined passwords will be saved in the file SvrPass.data. So if you are about to join a server, which you already joined with a password, the last typed in password will appear automatically. So you do not have to remeber all passwords :)
== InSimGuard ==
== InSimGuard ==

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Browse For Speed

Browse For Speed


Browse For Speed is a free, open-source server browser. It is able to query and join Demo/S1/S2 servers. It differs from [email protected] in that it actually queries the master server for a list of servers (it only uses pubstats for some of its features), and is therefore able to show additional information such as ping.

It includes a friends list and maintains a list of your favourite servers.

Additionally, it can connect to any server via insim, and provides various admin utilities - displays server messages (chat to people in your server externally), a player list and provides ways to kick/ban/spectate players in the server.

There have been several contributors to Browse For Speed including translators, testers and code submissions. The main code is maintained by Richard Nelson (wabz), Ben Kenny (Snookle) and Philip Nelson.

LFS Spectator

LFS Spectator

by Martin Gollub [email protected]


LFS Spectator is a program that allows following the racing on a LFS S2 server without playing on it, or even having LFS installed. It uses the current version InSim, and might require updates when InSim evolves in the future.

For The Spectator Tool to work, enter ip or hostname of an Insim relay server (like isrelay.liveforspeed.net, or the experimental triso.de) in the settings menu.

If you find bugs, feel free to contact the author, but he probably knows them already and is working on it ;)


Tab switches cars Shift + Tab switches cars in reverse order Cursor move camera in free mode Shift + Cursor rotate view in free mode + / - zoom in / out

DediGUI 2

By Holger "cr4zy!C3" Reitner [email protected]


What is DediGUI 2?

DediGUI 2 is a little tool, that helps you setting up a LFS Dedicated Server. Because of its nice designed and understandable graphic user interface it's very easy to set up your own server with some clicks.


Extract all files of the zip archive into the LFS root folder. Start DediGUI 2 by running the file DediGUI2.exe. Now it's possible to set up your LFS Dedicated Server settings by using the graphical user interface.

How to use DediGUI 2

First of all you have to set up the server configuration. You have to define a hostname (must be unique if using master server) and you should also define an admin password! After setting up the configuration you only have to click on "Launch" to start the server.

If you like you can save the setup configuration and load you saved configurations too. With every start of DediGUI 2 the last configuration (dedigui.dss) will be loaded!


By Holger "cr4zy!C3" Reitner [email protected]



Just extract the files in the archiv into an empty folder.
Start InSim Guard by double clicking InSimGuard.exe


Before InSimGuard is able to get InSim data by LFS you have to setup the following things:

Before you connect you have to start LFS with InSim port 44444 (changeable in .ini file).

To do so, just start LFS with parameter /InSim=44444 or type /InSim=44444 using the chat function (press "T" to type messages) into LFS.

If an admin password is required, or you want to change the ports just edit the InSimGuard.ini file or by hitting the button "Settings".

After you setup everything you can click onto the button "Connect". If everything works fine LFS shows the following message: InSimInit port: 44445 (where 44445 is "ListenPort" in the .ini file)

Vehicle Handling and Performance Analyser

by Ben Ponsford aka "Bob Smith"


What is VHPA?

The successor to LFS Gear Ratio Calculator (GRC), it analyses your setups to show their affect an vehicle handling. Following where GRC left off, VHPA adds complete analysis of suspension, brakes, damping, on top of the tyres, gearing, acceleration and aerodynamic analysis that GRC offered. It is highly detailed and does take a little time to get used to working with, but it can offer vast insight into tuning your setups. It is also aimed at being a real world tool, so there are few references to LFS on the website, but it comes with all the cars from LFS included in the installer.

More details about the program are available on the website. The program is also still in development so new features are being added over time.


VHPA comes with an installer, usage should be pretty self explanatory.

How to use VHPA

Please read the PDF manual located in the program's folder for an explanation of al lthe programs features. It does not cover what effects changing the settings will have on the car; for that, the LFS advanced setup guide needs to be rewritten.