All-Wheel-Drive Winter Series

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All-Wheel-Drive Winter Series
League type Mixed classes league
Signup Required
License S2
First season 2012
Seasons 6 seasons
Organizers Rony (Eclipsed)
Race Green Events

The All-Wheel-Drive Winter Series (AWS) is a mixed classes league run by Rony and Race Green Events.




AWS awards
Year AWS Drivers Champion AWS Teams Champions AWS FXR Master AWS RB4 Master AWS Cross Challenge winner AWS Nations Cup winner AWS Rookie of the Year AWS Oval Trophy winner
2012 spdoReno spdoRacing spdoReno spdoReno spdoReno Latvia not awarded not awarded
2013 RG^Invecs Race Green Autosports RG^Invecs [STO]Muc [STO]Kars Latvia [STO]Muc
2014 22 S.Jurvansuu Race Green Autosports 22 S.Jurvansuu RG^Matiss RG^Matiss Latvia 22 S.Jurvansuu
2015 CoRe A.Laipnieks Race Green Autosports CoRe A.Laipnieks CoRe A.Laipnieks CoRe A.Laipnieks Latvia CoRe A.Laipnieks
2016 A.Valta Race Green Autosports dynX Mishu A.Valta A.Valta Latvia A.Valta

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