B2R Open Wheel Series

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B2R Open Wheel Series
League type Open wheel series
Signup Not required
License S2
First season 2020
Years active 2020
Seasons 1 seasons
Organizers Born 2 Race

B2R Open Wheel Series (OWS) is a sprint based series, using single-seater cars (MRT, FO8, FBM, FOX, BF1). Joining B2R Discord server's Race Day voice channel is required to participate (listening is sufficient, talking not required).


Open Wheel Series schedule
(approximate times)
Winter time Summer time
Qualifying 19:30 UTC 20:30 CET 18:30 UTC 20:30 CEST
Race 20:00 UTC 21:00 CET 19:00 UTC 21:00 CEST

The event is held in the evenings of every Wednesday. For each event, one of the single-seater cars are used. There is a 25-mins long open qualifying before the race. Before the race, there is a 5-minute break. MRT and BF1 race are expected to have a ~40 minutes race distance, other cars (FBM, FOX, FO8) will race for ~60 minutes.

There was a pre-season test race on the Glastonbury Long custom layout (AU1X) with MRT on 27th May, 2020.

Series thread with detailed rules: https://www.lfs.net/forum/thread/94102

2020 Season

Open Wheel Series - Season 2020
Round Date Track Car Laps Winner
1 3rd June Fern Bay Gold (FE3) FBM 46 [MRc] gemini95
2 10th June Aston Historic (AS4) BF1 22 [MRc] gemini95
3 17th June South City City Long (SO4R) FO8 41 S1DUS*S.Litmanen
4 24th June Kyoto Ring National (KY2) FOX 36 S1DUS*GáboR
5 1st July Blackwood Historic (BL2) FBM 49 [MRc] gemini95
6 8th July Kyoto Ring GP Long (KY3R) BF1 23 S1DUS*Botsi
7 15th July Furnace Creek (WE3X) MRT 35 「マァ」TJ
8 22nd July Kyoto Ring Oval (KY1) FO8 100 [FFM]^Number
9 29th July South City Chicane Route (SO6) FBM 55 S1DUS*Botsi
10 19th August Glastonbury Long Reverse (AU1X) MRT 50 [MRc] gemini95
11 26th August South City Classic Reversed (SO1R) FOX 65 [MRc] gemini95
12 2nd September Blackwood Historic Reversed (BL2R) FO8 58 S1DUS*Botsi
13 9th September Westhill Karting National (WE5) MRT 50 [MRc] gemini95
14 16th September Fern Bay Gold Open (FE32) FOX 53 「マァ」 TJ
15 23rd September Aston National Reversed (AS3R) BF1 32 S1DUS*GáboR
16 30th September Rockingham Handling (RO6) MRT 60 「マァ」 TJ
17 7th October Kyoto Ring National Reversed (KY2R) FBM 34 [MRc] gemini95
18 14th October Westhill International (WE2) FOX 32 [MRc] gemini95
19 21st October Fern Bay Green (FE2) FO8 50 [MRc] gemini95
20 4th November Aston North (AS7) BF1 31 RG^Rony
21 11th November Fern Bay Club Reversed (FE1R) MRT 60 RG^Mandula
22 18th November Westhill National Reversed (WE1R) FBM 37 24 Ro8er Chen
23 25th November South City Town Course (SO5) FOX 48 「マァ」 TJ
24 2nd December Aston Cadet Reversed (AS1R) FO8 80 RG^Rony
25 9th December Kyoto Ring National (KY2) BF1 35 S1DUS*Altsu
26 16th December Autodromo De Bella Città (AU1X) MRT 71 「マァ」 TJ
27 23rd December Westhill East Course Rev WE21R (WE2Y) FBM 45 24 Ro8er Chen
28 30th December Fern Bay Gold Rev (FE3R) FOX 48 S1DUS*GáboR


B2R Open Wheel Series seasons list
Season Races Final standings Other statistics
Champion Pts 2nd Pts 3rd Pts Total individual driver count FBM Races FOX Races FO8 Races BF1 Races MRT Races
S1 2020 28 [MRc] gemini95 411 「マァ」 TJ 347 RG^Mandula 251 137 6 6 5 5 6

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