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The RWD GTR class cars in LFS S2

There is a total of 19 cars in LFS S2. Most can be loosely divided into different classes to keep racing fair and fun.

S1 cars

S1 cars
Model Abbrev Layout Drive Engine Output Weight
XF GTI XFG FF hatchback FWD inline-4 115 hp (86 kW) 2073 lb (940 kg)
XR GT XRG FR coupe RWD 1.8 L inline-4 140 hp (104 kW) 2536 lb (1150 kg)
XR GT Turbo XRT FR coupe RWD turbo inline-4 247 hp (184 kW) 2695 lb (1223 kg)
RB4 GT RB4 4WD coupe AWD 2.0 L turbo inline-4 243 hp (181 kW) 2707 lb (1228 kg)
FXO Turbo FXO FF coupe FWD flat-4 234 hp (175 kW) 2512 lb (1140 kg)
LX4 LX4 FR roadster RWD 1.3 L inline-4 140 hp (105 kW) 1101 lb (499 kg)
LX6 LX6 FR roadster RWD 1.8 L inline-6 190 hp (142 kW) 1188 lb (539 kg)
MRT5 MRT MR kart RWD 600 cc turbo inline-4 64 hp (48 kW) 486 lb (221 kg)
  • XF GTI (XFG) - Front-wheel drive hatchback, similar to European hatchbacks such as the Peugeot 106 and Golf GTI
  • XR GT (XRG) - Rear-wheel drive, front engined coupe, similar to a Mitsubishi Starion, Porsche 944, or Mazda RX-7 FC
  • XR GT Turbo (XRT) - XR GT with a larger engine and turbocharger
  • RB4 GT (RB4) - Four-wheel drive, front-engined coupe, similar to a Toyota Supra or Celica GT4
  • FXO Turbo (FXO) - Front-wheel drive, front-engined coupe, similar to the Vauxhall/Opel Astra Coupe
  • LX4 - Rear-wheel drive, front engined, LFS gets it's very own Lotus Seven replica, not too dissimilar to the Catermhams and Westfields of this world
  • LX6 - Much like the LX4, this sports a more powerful engine, although this weighs it down more you'd never realise given the way it accelerates
  • MRT5 (MRT) - Small open-wheel racecar somewhat larger than a kart, based on the real MRT5 built by the McGill Racing Team to compete in the Formula SAE championship


S2 cars
Model Abbrev Layout Drive Engine Output Weight
UF 1000 UF1 FF hatchback FWD 1.0 L inline-4 55 hp (41 kW) 1322 lb (600 kg)
RaceAbout RAC MR convertible RWD 2.0 L turbo inline-4 245 hp (183 kW) 1763 lb (800 kg)
FZ50 FZ5 RR coupe RWD 3.6 L flat-6 360 hp (269 kW) 3042 lb (1380 kg)
XF GTR XFR FF race car FWD 2.0 L inline-4 230 hp (172 kW) 1851 lb (840 kg)
UF GTR UFR FF race car FWD 1.4 L inline-4 180 hp (134 kW) 1323 lb (600 kg)
Formula XR FOX MR formula RWD 2.0 L inline-4 190 hp (142 kW) 1079 lb (490 kg)
Formula V8 FO8 MR formula RWD V8 450 hp (335 kW) 1324 lb (600 kg)
BMW Sauber BF1 MR formula RWD 2.4 L V8 720 hp (537 kW) 1169 lb (530 kg)
FXO GTR FXR FR race car AWD 2.0 L turbo flat-4 490 hp (365 kW) 2470 lb (1120 kg)
XR GTR XRR FR race car RWD 2.0 L turbo inline-4 490 hp (365 kW) 2426 lb (1100 kg)
FZ50 GTR FZR RR race car RWD 3.6 L flat-6 490 hp (365 kW) 2424 lb (1100 kg)
  • UF 1000 (UF1) - Small front-wheel drive car, similar to a classic Mini
  • Raceabout (RAC) - Rear-wheel drive mid-engined open-top sports car, based on the real RaceAbout '02 built by Finnish University students
  • FZ50 (FZ5) - Rear-wheel drive, rear-engined sports car, similar to a Porsche 911
  • XF GTR (XFR) - Lighter, higher-powered racing version of the XF GTI with slick tires
  • UF GTR (UFR) - Higher-powered version of UF 1000 with wider track and slick tires
  • Formula XR (FOX) - Small open-wheel race car, similar to a Formula Renault 2000 racecar
  • Formula V8 (FO8) - Open-wheel race car, similar to a Formula 3000 / GP2 racecar
  • BMW Sauber (BF1) - A recreation of the 2006 season BMW Sauber Formula One racecar
  • FXO GTR (FXR) - Four-wheel drive racing version of the FXO Turbo with downforce, similar to GT500 series racecars
  • XR GTR (XRR) - Lighter racing version of the XR GT Turbo with downforce, similar to GT500 series racecars
  • FZ50 GTR (FZR) - Lighter racing version of the FZ50 with downforce, similar to GT500 series racecars

Car Steering Wheel Lock Angles


All of these cars use the full 720 degrees of rotation



These cars use a reduced lock of just 1.5 turns lock to lock



These cars use 1.25 turns lock to lock

FO8, BF1


The only car to use less than one full turn, required a flick of 0.75 turns lock to lock


Live for Speed cars
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FWD GTR class GTR class Single-seater cars
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