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League type Mixed classes league
Signup Required
License S3
First season 2004
Seasons 26 seasons
Organizers Falke, Dominikk, Ronald

The CityLiga (CL) is one of the oldest mixed classes league. The idea of CityLiga was developed and realized by Detlef 'Dee' Zimmer on June 10, 2004. Since its foundation the motto has been the following: "On track you shall be rivals, but still friends" - CityLiga-founder Detlef 'Dee' Zimmer. Two seasons are held every year, one in winter/spring and one during summer/autumn respectively. In these seasons the car-track combination varies and is chosen to find the best all-round driver in Live for Speed. There have been 25 CityLiga seasons held so far and the final CL season, CL24 is yet to be realized. The season numbering started with the third season - the first two seasons had the year in their names.




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