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Drifting is when you are turning, but sliding with much wheelspin, causing your car to move fowards, but also somewhat to the inside of the turn. The front end keeps traction. This lets you take turns at higher speeds. There are different methods for drifting, so feel free to add your own or rephrase another one.

Tuning the Car

Tuning the car is one of the more important factors in how your car can drift. The best way to tune the suspension is to make the rear sway bars hard, but the front sway bars loose. Also, turning the anti-roll on the rear axle down will help you drift better. Next, focus on the tires. The rear tires should be overinflated. It can sometimes also help to underinflate the front tires. Lastly, move to adjusting the gear ratios. Raising the final gear ratio will give the car more torque, making it easier to get wheelspin and to drift.


There are different ways to drift. This is how I drift. As you are coming up to a turn, turn somewhat to the outside of the turn. Then turn back to the inside of the turn. This will make the car loose some traction and it will start to slide. At this point, you should be pointed to the inside of the turn. Now, give the car full gas (or at least more). This will help to lose rear traction and force the car to the inside of the turn. Now, the car won't be moving in the direction it's pointing, but somewhat to the outside of the turn. It can help to start tapping the clutch. This generally seems to make the drift easier, but all in all give the car a bit more traction, somewhat slowing you down. If, during the drift, your car begins to turn too far towards the inside of the turn, turn the wheel to the outside and let off the gas a bit. Of course, learning to drift can take a while, so try testing your own techniques and use whatever works for you. (If you want to add a way to drift, don't delete other ones that could work for some people).

Making Drift Courses

If you want to make your own course to drift in, go to an open course, such as Autocross (Autocross section). Press Shift-U. This should open up a menu that allows you to place objects, such as barriers, cones, and tires. Also, there is some way to set up a system to award points for drifting. I don't know how, so if anyone knows how, please edit this article and tell how to.