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The event's official stream is provided by [https://simbroadcasts.tv/ Sim Broadcasts].
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GT2 Challenge
League type GTR Sprint league
Signup Required
License S2
First season 2020
Years active 2020
Seasons 1 seasons
Organizers New Dimension Racing

The GT2 Challenge (GT2C) is a sprint based series, using restricted GTR Cars.


The series aims to a sprint format, one driver to a car. Races are scheduled to be approximately 230 kilometres in length, with a rolling start. Drivers are not required to make a pit stop, but the race lengths make the no-stop strategy risky. Safety Car and Virtual Safety Car deployments add strategic changes.

2020 Season

Round Circuit Date Laps Winner
1 Blackwood Historic 24 April 2020 70 Isaac Price
2 Weshtill International 16 May 2020 40 Isaac Price
3 Aston North 30 May 2020 45
4 Kyoto GP Long w/ Boothy Chicane 13 June 2020 32

The event's official stream is provided by Sim Broadcasts.