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This page contains guides for the LFS Editor that connect Modeller and Vehicle Editor features.

If you don't find what you're looking for on this page, try opening the separate guide pages for Modeller features and Vehicle Editor features.

Setting up suspension for bikes

Rear suspension

The "trailing arm" suspension type is recommended for the rear suspension. You create a "trailing arm" object with its object centre at the pivot point for the rear suspension. That must correspond with a "lower pivot" point in the vehicle editor.

Front suspension

In the modeller:

1) Adjust the "steering wheel" (handlebar) object so that the rotation point is aligned with the top bolt - the centre of the top bolt should have x=0 and y=0.

After the "steering wheel" is in the right place, then back in the vehicle editor:

2) Increase the "Trail Reduction" in the "Steering / Driver" section to match the offset between the stanchions and the steering axis. As you do that, the wheel moves forward. So then you reduce the "Forward" value in "Suspension" section by the same amount to compensate. By trial and error you can end up with the steering axis line going straight through the centre of the bolt, then the steering should work correctly.