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== Racers & Hosts online ==
== Racers & Hosts online ==
[[image:LFSW_hosts.gif|right|Racers & Hosts online]]
[[image:LFSW_hosts.gif|right|Racers & Hosts online]]
Gives you a detailed list of all currently online servers and players. Additionally you can see the LFS usage graphs with a selectable timespan, or request a signup to the [[InSim_Tutorials#InSim_Relay_usage_information|Insim Relay]].
Gives you a detailed list of all currently online servers and players. Additionally you can see the LFS usage graphs with a selectable timespan, or request a signup to the [[InSim Relay]].
== Online Racer Stats ==
== Online Racer Stats ==

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LFS World is a statistics website and extension to Live for Speed. It is where you can view all your recorded online statistics and more.

LFS World

Racers & Hosts online

Racers & Hosts online

Gives you a detailed list of all currently online servers and players. Additionally you can see the LFS usage graphs with a selectable timespan, or request a signup to the InSim Relay.

Online Racer Stats

Online Racer Stats

Here you can see various stats of any licensed LFS racer. These statistics include:

  • Some personal info (name, country, birthday...)
  • Last race information (date, host, track/car...)
  • Today's/Total stats (travelled distance, laps, races won...)
  • Online PB's and a laps chart for all tracks

Online Race Results

Online Race Results

Shows an overview of all online races of a licensed LFS racer for a given day, or a detailed race information chart, including used car, laptimes, lapcount, pitstops, penalties and of course the final position for each racer.



In this window you can find anything regarding Hotlaps and World Records.

Overview: This tab shows the recently uploaded hotlaps in chronological order and a list of all WR holders. The former one can be filtered to show all, WR's, top 10 or top 50 placements only.

Hotlap charts: Here you can view all ever uploaded hotlaps for a given track/car combo. This is also the place where you can upload your hotlaps. To do so, first click on the "Browse..." button to select the hotlap replay located on your system, then click on "Upload" which will save your hotlap to LFSWorld. Additionally you can quickly compare two hotlaps by clicking on the "C" located in the hotlap chart.

WR's: Lists the World Records for all configuration/car combos for a given track location. You can download the replay by clicking on the laptime displayed beneath the WR holder's name, or go to the corresponding hotlap chart by pressing the "»" below previously mentioned laptime.

Racer details: In this part of the Hotlaps window, you can see the fastest hotlaps of a certain racer. Furthermore, each hotlap has a time comparison to the current World Record and to the WR Benchmark, which equals the WR + 3% (example: On a track with a WR of 2 minutes, the WR Benchmark would be 2:03.600).

Ranks: The Ranks tab displays several types of hotlapping ranks, which are made up of all the hotlaps that have been uploaded. There are 3 main categories :

The MHR rank, which stands for the Main Hotlap Rank, consists of 18 selected and varied hotlap charts.

The Nutter rank is called what it is because of the sheer amount of hotlaps that one has to drive to compete - you must do all of them :)

The Car ranks consist of subcategories for all available cars in S2. Each car has its own rank where again 18 selected configs have to be driven to compete.

To see which hotlap combinations must be driven for a rank, please refer to the "RANK INFO" link in the middle of the Ranks tab.

Personal vs Nation The 3 main categories above define what a rank consists of, however there are two charts for every rank : A personal chart and a nations chart. As the names already imply, the personal chart is where you as an individual compete against other hotlapping individuals. The Nations chart is more like a group effort where the emphasis lies on how well hotlappers compete as a nation. The calculations for the nations chart require some further explanation though :
-only hotlaps in the top10 of a chart are counted,
-only the best 3 hotlaps per country count, to even out the advantage big countries have over small ones,
-the handicaps of these counted hotlaps are then summed to form the handicap for a country
-additionally, points are awarded for every hotlap - 1st place gets 10 points, 2nd gets 9 points, etc. This way the nations chart gets an interpretation from a different point of view.

Compare: This tab is used to display hotlap comparisons between 2 racers. You cannot select hotlaps directly here - instead, use the Ranks or Details tabs for selection.

My online car-skins

My online car-skins

This window allows you to view, upload and delete your online car skins. These skins can then be automatically downloaded by other players when you play online on a server with them, so you don't have to distribute your skins manually anymore.

Some online charts

Some online charts

Provides a monthly (or all-time) top-50 player chart for most distance, laps, won races and finished races. Additionally to that, you can also find the overall track and car usage statistics in here.

LFS Racers database

LFS Racers database

Here you can search for LFS racers and / or registered LFS teams. This is also the place where you can setup additional personal settings (in the Profile tab), like your birthdate and avatar. Buddies can be maintained here as well. To add a racer to your buddy-list, enter it in the input-field and click the "Add racer" button. To remove a buddy, click its name in the buddy-list and a menu will appear, showing the option to remove the buddy.

My LFSW settings

My LFSW settings

This section allows a user to specify personal options such as timezone, units of measure, and privacy.

My LFSW Credit

My LFSW Credit

LFSWorld has some services that must be paid for, such as Premium Statistics and SMS Messaging. This page allows racers to put money in their LFSWorld account to pay for these services, as well as check the amount of money they have left on their account.

Live Alert

Live Alert

Live Alert is a background process that will check at regular intervals to see if anyone in your buddy list is online in LFS. You can add racers to your buddy list by clicking on just about every racer name you see here on the LFS Desktop (a menu will appear), or you can manually add racers to your buddy list in the 'Your Profile' section of the LFS Racers database.

Live Alert also checks if you have received new messages.

LFS Messages

LFS Messages

Here you can send messages to and receive messages from other LFS users, which is comparable to e-mail. If you have enough credit, you can even send an SMS message to another LFS player (if the player entered his/her mobile number at the SMS alert page). Sending to any phonenumber either an LFS user or not is also possible.

Additional LFS World services

Online status icon


If you want to display your online status on webpages, or forums, by use of an 64*16 pixels icon, you can use the following url to achieve this : http://www.lfsworld.net/isonline.YOURLFSUSERNAMEHERE
This works only for licensed LFS racers.


The Pubstat system allows you to retrieve raw racing statistics through a special webpage. You can then process your own statistics and / or those of others, and for example display them on your own webpage.
Because this is quite an elaborate system, the complete explanation and manual can be found on our forum : http://www.lfsforum.net/showthread.php?t=14480

Live for Speed SMS text message system

The system

  • can send SMS messages (known as alerts) to your mobile phone when certain events happen.
  • allows you to send messages to other LFS users, without needing to exchange phone numbers.

What events can send an alert?

You can set up the following types of alert :

At http://www.lfsworld.net - click : Live Alert... SMS Alert

  1. Send an alert when a specified LFS racer has been online for a while.
  2. Send an alert when a particular hotlap world record is broken.
  3. Send an alert when a new patch is released.

What about message sending?

You can send text messages to other people :

It's a convenient way to send text messages, quicker and easier than typing on a mobile phone.

At http://www.lfsworld.net - click : LFS Messages... Send SMS

  • You can send to any LFS racer who has entered their mobile phone number into the system.
  • Your own phone number is sent for reply only if you click the box to select that option.
  • You can also send to Demo Racers who have entered their mobile phone number.
  • You can also send to any mobile phone number that you type in manually.
  • Flat rate of £0.05 for all messages - local and international.


We will NEVER give your phone number or any other personal information, to anyone unless for some reason we are required by law to give it to an authority. Of course, the exception is if you click the box "send my phone number as reply number" when you type in your message - then your number is included so the recipient can reply to your phone.


Each MESSAGE you send to someone, and each ALERT that you receive having set up an alert, costs you £0.05. We have given everyone 3 free messages, so you can try it out before deciding to pay for more. To get more than 3 messages, you can pre-pay a minimum of £3 at http://www.lfsworld.net : My LFSW Credit.

Another way to send - from within LFS while online at a S1 / S2 host :

If you are online and want to ask a friend to join, you can send a SMS from within LFS. It will include your user name and the name of the host you are on. To do this, you must type two commands starting with a slash.

/w msg USERNAME (initiates sending an SMS to another LFS racer) /w txt MESSAGE (adds the text and sends it to the racer's mobile phone)

What to do

We recommend you try out the system using your free SMS messages. Feel free to enter your phone number even if you don't want to use the system for your own purposes, so other S2 racers can send you a message if they want to get hold of you when you aren't online.

Improvement suggestions

We are interested to hear about any other types of alert you would like to receive, or any other suggestions you may have for the SMS system: http://www.lfsforum.net/showthread.php?t=8095