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Welcome to the LFS Wiki, an unofficial online manual for Live for Speed!

It works similar to Wikipedia, meaning that you, or anyone (with a licensed LFS account in this case. You can login with your LFS username and WEBpassword), can edit almost any article right now by clicking on the edit link that appears at the top of the page. Don't be afraid to edit, you can't break the LFS Wiki. Anything can be fixed or improved later.

So go ahead, edit an article and help to improve the LFS Wiki!

LFS manual

A PDF version of the manual is available here.

  1. Introduction
  2. Game modes
  3. Display
  4. Options
  5. Cars
  6. Tracks
  7. Driving Guides
  8. Car Setups
  9. Autocross
  10. Hosting
  11. Additional Tools
  12. FAQ
  13. File Formats
  14. Movie Tutorial
  15. 3D Render Tutorial
  16. InSim Tutorials
  17. About LFS
  18. Misc
  19. LFS Links
  20. Credits

LFS Handbuch

Das gedruckte 80-seitige Handbuch kann im Shop für 6 Euro bestellt werden.

  1. Einleitung
  2. Anzeigen
  3. Kameraansichten
  4. Menüreferenz
  5. Optionen
  6. Wagen
  7. Strecken
  8. Autocross Editor
  9. Setup Guide
  10. Dedizierter Server
  11. Telemetrie
  12. Hardware
  13. Dateiformate
  14. Skins
  15. Über LFS
  16. Links
  17. Glossar
  18. Impressum