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These cars are mainly for racing against each other with the same car, as they don't fit in any of the other classes available in LFS.


Short name LX4
Drive Front engined, rear wheel drive
Engine 1.3 litre inline 4
Power 105 kW (140 bhp) @ 8212 rpm
Torque 131 Nm (97 lbft) @ 6917 rpm
Total-Mass 499 kg (1100 lbs)
Power-weight 210 W/kg (286 bhp/ton)
Weight dist 45.8 F 54.2 R
Fuel tank capacity 40 ltr
Suspension Front: {{{FrontSusp}}}
Rear: {{{RearSusp}}}


Tipping the scales at a mere 518 kg, the LX4 is a pretty light car and is quite fast around the twisted S1 tracks. Compared to its bigger brother, the LX6, the LX4 is easy to drive and ideal for beginners to learn how to control a LX-style car.

Setup tip

These LX cars need a fair amount of understeer in the springs to keep the controllable. Don't go silly with the spring rates though. Low tyre pressures are needed. Keep the diff as open as possible on the power side and reasonable well locked on the coast side. Some rear toe comes in very handy here.


Short name MRT
Drive Mid engined, rear wheel drive
Engine 600 cc turbocharged inline 4
Power 48 kW (64 bhp) @ 7894 rpm
Torque 69 Nm (51 lbft) @ 5071 rpm
Total-Mass 221 kg (486 lbs)
Power-weight 217 W/kg (296 bhp/ton)
Weight dist 37.5 F 62.5 R
Fuel tank capacity 20 ltr
Suspension Front: {{{FrontSusp}}}
Rear: {{{RearSusp}}}


Based on the real MRT5 built by the McGill Racing Team and competing in the Formula SAE championship this lightweight car is ideal for autocross tracks and slow configurations. The MRT5 is fun to drive and reminds you of a kart although it has more power and a differential. See the official website.

Setup tip

This car is best with SOFT suspension. Understeer is certainly not needed in the springs, it hurts turning too much. Just adjust antiroll bars to get the balance you want. Also, this car is extremely sensitive to differential settings. Use the viscous differential and keep it fairly open (low single digits). Very low tyre pressures. Rear toe comes in handy again here.

UF 1000

UF 1000
Short name UF1
Drive Front engined, front wheel drive
Engine 1.0 litre inline 4
Power 41 kW (55 bhp) @ 5589 rpm
Torque 88 Nm (65 lbft) @ 3009 rpm
Total-Mass 600 kg (1323 lbs)
Power-weight 69 W/kg (93 bhp/ton)
Weight dist 59.9 F 40.1 R
Fuel tank capacity 35 ltr
Suspension Front: {{{FrontSusp}}}
Rear: {{{RearSusp}}}


The least powerful car in the game, but far from being the least fun. In fact, the closest races are to be had when behind the wheel of this car. Certainly not suited to the faster tracks however.

Setup tip

Stiffer springs than usual to make up for the lack of antiroll bars, and will help generate some tyre heat. Pump plenty of air into those rear tyres or it will understeer to hell.

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