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This is my lfs-wiki page :) I'm using this simply to test stuff atm.


These are templates I've made for the english LFSwiki.


S1 S2 S3


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[[Image:{{{Trackmap}}}|none]] Short: {{{Shortname}}}
Length: N/A km / N/A miles


Template:Car [[image:{{{Image}}}|thumb|220px|{{{Longname}}}]]

Short name {{{Shortname}}}
Drive {{{Drive}}}
Engine {{{Engine}}}
Power {{{kWPower}}} kW ({{{bhpPower}}} bhp) @ {{{PowerRPM}}} rpm
Torque {{{NmTorque}}} Nm ({{{lbftTorque}}} lbft) @ {{{TorqueRPM}}} rpm
Total-Mass {{{kgMass}}} kg ({{{lbsMass}}} lbs)
Power-weight {{{WRatio}}} W/kg ({{{bhpRatio}}} bhp/ton)
Weight dist {{{WeightDist}}}
Fuel tank capacity {{{Fuel}}} ltr
Suspension Front: {{{FrontSusp}}}
Rear: {{{RearSusp}}}



Setup tip



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