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|Description=A small karting track, which provides fun racing with the [[Cars:Single-Seaters#MRT5|MRT]] cars.}}
|Description=A small karting track, which provides fun racing with the [[Single-Seaters#MRT5|MRT]] cars.}}
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Planet Westhill by KiDCoDEa and DoN

The board of the Westhill Circuit has invested heavily in creating a state of the art environment for racers of any type. The main tracks provide fast and wide turns, spiced up with interesting chicanes and the widest, most beautiful finish straight in S2 with a blind first corner. Recently two karting tracks have been constructed – one small, one large - providing a challenge for even the fittest of racers.


Westhill National
Short: WE1
Length: 4.4 km / 2.7 miles

The shorter version of the International configuration, with a blind downhill corner when exiting the International part. It provides a nice racing environment especially for slower cars.


Westhill International
Short: WE2
Length: 5.8 km / 3.6 miles

The 5.8 km track, situated in rural England, provides fast and wide turns, spiced up with two interesting chicanes and the widest and most beautiful finish-straight in S2 with a "no look" turn 1. Most parts of the track are very fast. The undulating track is definitely made for the faster cars.

Car Park

Westhill Car Park
Short: WE3
Length: N/A km / N/A miles

A vast parking area located at the far end of the circuit. Rougly rectangular in shape and sized about 750m x 210m.


Westhill Karting
Short: WE4
Length: 0.5 km / 0.3 miles

A small karting track, which provides fun racing with the MRT cars.

Karting National

Westhill Karting National
Short: WE5
Length: 1.3 km / 0.8 miles

A bigger version of the Karting configuration, with slightly faster corners, while keeping its narrow track width. Door-to-door racing guaranteed.

Surrounding area

On open layouts the enviroment beyond the the race track is accessible. The parking areas, access roads and other asphalte or grass areas can be used to build new routes or autocross courses. This is explained on the page about autocross.

Racing outside the limits of the official track layout.

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