Absolute Beginner's Leagues

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The Absolute Beginner's Leagues are leagues, aimed to beginners and less experienced drivers. Do not expect you will have an easy drive though, because AB does not mean it is not for fast drivers also. In fact, fast drivers are welcome! This way, inexperienced drives will learn from the fast ones. It has proven that this way of racing adds a lot for starting racers, and gets very exiting races.


One thing AB does to give the best experience for every racer on track, is drivers can choose which class they are driving in. This in fact only means what scores we take! This way we have one overall league result, but also three separate leagueresults for /1, /2 and /3 drivers (whereas /3 are the less experienced drivers). This way, the less experienced drivers also have competetive racing, as for the more experienced and the fast ones. Also, the fast drivers can quickly see when a less experienced driver is on track.

Racing Mentality

AB expects fast drivers to not force their way pass slowers, but let slower drivers make way. They should accept the fact that there are slower drivers on track with maybe other behaviour. We all have to learn! We expect the slower drivers to learn too, and not keep making the same mistakes again. Respect to both sides is kept high in AB!

Open and Closed Leagues

AB's OPEN league is the S2-League and occasional the Midweek racing evenings. After registration at the AB Website, anyone is free to join in (after logging in find the server info under the chatbox).

The CLOSED leagues are the Formula league and the LeMans league. If you have driven three or more races with AB you can apply to the BoT (Board of Trusties) to join in on the Closed leagues, which ofcourse will be accepted immediatedly if you just have driven clean rounds with AB.

Current Leagues