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Planet Blackwood by KiDCoDEa and DoN
The long Blackwood backstraight after the chicane

The Blackwood circuit has two road courses and one rallycross course (plus reversed directions), situated in England's countryside. Blackwood is known for its versatility, because it contains a bit of everything.

GP Track

Blackwood GP
Short: BL1
Length: 3.3 km / 2.1 miles

The Blackwood Circuit has been revamped thrice in the history of LFS - once at the start of S2, once for patch Y and once again for version 0.6R. The S2 version added a better pit lane and removed some rather large bumps, and Patch Y made more improvements to the facilities and tightening the chicane. Version 0.6R revamped the whole Blackwood environment. Although the characteristic tight chicane of the original turned into a long wide one, it's still Blackwood. Besides this chicane, the tight hairpin (first turn), the long straight and the esses in the back of the track are defining the look and feel of Blackwood.


Blackwood Historic
Short: BL2
Length: 3.3 km / 2.1 miles

The same track as GP Track, but without the chicane after turn 1.


Cars driving through the mud on part of the Blackwood Rallycross track
Blackwood Rallycross
Short: BL3
Length: 1.8 km / 1.2 miles

This track is very wide and is ideal for rallycross races, with cars lining up three abreast on the starting grid. It has plenty of overtaking spots. The difficult parts of this track are the small hills and bumps in the mud-sections - watch your suspension and clutch. Keeping the car stable is your main task. 50% tarmac, 50% mud.

Car Park

Blackwood Car Park
Short: BL4
Length: N/A km / N/A miles

A big parking lot. A good location to create your own autocross track or learn parking.

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