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CL24 logo.png
League type Mixed classes league
Signup Required
License S3
First season 2004
Seasons 26 seasons
Organizers Falke, Dominikk, Ronald

CityLiga (CL) is one of the oldest mixed classes leagues. The idea of CityLiga was developed and realized by Detlef 'Dee' Zimmer on June 10, 2004. Since its foundation the motto has been the following: "On track you shall be rivals, but still friends" - CityLiga-founder Detlef 'Dee' Zimmer. Two seasons are held every year, one in winter/spring and one during summer/autumn respectively. In these seasons the car-track combination varies and is chosen to find the best all-round driver in Live for Speed. There have been 25 CityLiga seasons held so far and the final CL season, CL24 is yet to be realized. The season numbering started with the third season - the first two seasons had the year in their names.


There is a Grid Qualifying (GQ) that takes place at the start of the season. The GQ is used to distribute all participants of the season onto the various competition servers (= grids). Every driver, who has signed up for the season, will have a certain amount of attempts to set their fastest lap times. The fastest laps are recorded by the tracker.

A CityLiga season usually consists of 9 or 10 rounds. At the start of each round there is a short qualifying using one of the qualification types. After the quali, there may be one or two races with various rules (for example mandatory pitstops), according to the schedule.


Early years

When LFS developers published the first versions of Live for Speed during 2003, there was a growing need of organised leagues and a set of rules for these events. The idea of CityLiga was developed and realized on June 10, 2004. It all started with the combo of XRG on South City Sprint 1. A bunch of racers fought for the title in the following four months. With the growing interest and the success of the first season, a second season was organized soon after. Early in 2005 a rumor of a new LFS version was found everywhere and the decision was to wait for it to come out. Soon after version "S2 Alpha 0.5P" proved to be stable, the counters were reset and the CityLiga project started using multiple grids due to the increased interest. It was clear that in the upcoming seasons, the league would grow more and more. Later, the whole team of Total Power Sliders joined and helped the organization, also the team website was changed in order to meet the needs of the growing CL. During the preparation meeting for the fifth season, 90 racers showed up on the TeamSpeak server. The competition servers weren't made to cope with such a huge amount of racers, so promotions and relegations between the grids were introduced. Over 100 participants signed up for CL VI, therefore there were four grids (each with ~23 racers) and a waiting list has been introduced. Due to the amount of people joining, some drivers like BurnoutCrew's mich4 and Woody passed their entry and substituted their steering wheel for a race admin seat.


More popularity


CityLiga seasons list
Season Date Champion 2nd position 3rd position
CityLiga 2004 June - September 2004 [ZT] ORION [ZT] Xaser PM>>TSA
CityLiga 2004/05 December 2004 - March 2005 mtx.rt|Benny L. Sebo [ZT] Xaser
CityLiga I October - December 2005 -[BC]- Benny TPS El Barto [TW] Reinhard G.
CityLiga II Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
CityLiga III February - March 2006 Z30 Joss the Boss TPS El Barto TPS Lemmi
CityLiga IV July - November 2006 TPS El Barto !ce.Sir Winston RiGo
CityLiga V February - May 2007 !ce.Sir Winston !ce.splattael dSk|Bjön R.
CityLiga VI August - December 2007 TPS Sch3u3rm1lch IRT Papafant [email protected]
CityLiga VII February - June 2008 F1RST Maddin F1RST P.Kubinji !ce.splattael
CityLiga 8 September - December 2008 F1RST P.Kubinji F1RST Maddin spdo Paddi
CityLiga 9 February - June 2009 ίマイ MaRDoX X3LLV3T ίマイ Rel'ax
CityLiga X August - December 2009 F1RST P.Kubinji メcite Maddin HoR Schuhti
CityLiga XI February - June 2010 メcite Maddin HoR Schuhti 1sfBFA Chris
CityLiga 12 September - December 2010 メcite Maddin HoR Schuhti TeW GAW
CityLiga 13 February - June 2011 RAPTOR Intre RAPTOR Chris HoR Schuhti
CityLiga 14 August - December 2011 メ C. Winkler RAPTOR Paddi CR|troy
CityLiga 15 January - June 2012 HoR Schuhti TRR- ZEUS AY R.Pärschke
CityLiga 16 August - December 2012 メ C. Winkler P. Kubinji HoR Schuhti
CityLiga 17 February - June 2013 メ C. Winkler HoR Schuhti HoR hanfer
CityLiga 18 March - July 2014 CoRe C. Winkler GenR Otto HoR Schuhti
CityLiga 19 September - December 2014 CoRe C. Winkler EM Marcel GenR Dom
CityLiga 20 January - June 2015 CoRe C. Winkler HoR Schuhti TC-R Pete
CityLiga 21 July - December 2015 !NF M. Mickiewicz CoRe C. Winkler Troy
CityLiga 22 February - June 2016 CoRe C. Winkler [TC-R] Pete P. Kubinji
GQ: [email protected] + [email protected] / February 2 - 12
Round 1: [email protected] / February 15
Round 2: [email protected] / February 29
Round 3: [email protected] / March 14
Round 4: [email protected] / March 28
Round 5: [email protected] / April 11
Round 6: [email protected] / April 25
Round 7: [email protected] / May 9
Round 8: [email protected] / May 23
Round 9: [email protected] / June 6
Round 10: [email protected] / June 20
CityLiga 23 August - December 2016 P. Kubinji CoRe C. Winkler [TC-R] Pete
GQ: [email protected] + [email protected] / August 9 - 19
Round 1: [email protected] / August 22
Round 2: [email protected] / September 5
Round 3: [email protected] / September 19
Round 4: [email protected] / October 3
Round 5: [email protected] / October 17
Round 6: [email protected] / October 31
Round 7: [email protected] / November 14
Round 8: [email protected] / November 28
Round 9: [email protected] / December 12
CityLiga 24 February - June 2017 TBA TBA TBA
GQ: [email protected] + FXO/[email protected] / January 31 - February 10
Round 1: [email protected] / February 13
Round 2: FXO/[email protected] / February 27
Round 3: [email protected] / March 13
Round 4: [email protected] / March 27
Round 5: [email protected] / April 10
Round 6: [email protected] / April 24
Round 7: [email protected] / May 8
Round 8: [email protected] / May 22
Round 9: [email protected] / June 5
Round 10: [email protected] / June 19

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