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The IS_SFP or State Flags Pack can be used to set various state options in game. Any states not included in this packet must be set by sending either a IS_SCH or IS_MST packet.

struct IS_SFP // State Flags Pack
	byte	Size;		// 8
	byte	Type;		// ISP_SFP
	byte	ReqI;		// 0
	byte	Zero;

	word	Flag;		// the state to set
	byte	OffOn;		// 0 = off / 1 = on
	byte	Sp3;		// spare

Packet Detail


The size of the packet, always 8 bytes.


The packet type from the ISP_ enumeration, always ISP_SFP.


Not used


The state to set, from the ISS_ bit flags. The states you are able to set are as follows:

  • ISS_SHIFTU_FOLLOW: Following car
  • ISS_SHIFTU_NO_OPT: SHIFT+U buttons hidden
  • ISS_SHOW_2D: Showing 2d display
  • ISS_MPSPEEDUP: Multiplayer speedup option
  • ISS_SOUND_MUTE: Sound is switched off


Set to 1 to turn the state on, or set to 0 to turn the state off.