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LFS World is a statistics website and extension to Live for Speed. It is where you can view all your recorded online statistics and more.

Live for Speed


This opens the LFSW Home window wich views your current stats, the best racer of the moment and the current amount of players online in a 24-hour graph.

Racers & Hosts online

Gives you a detailed list of all currently online servers and players. Additionally you can see the LFS usage graphs with a selectable timespan, or request a signup to the Insim Relay.

Online Racer Stats

Here you can see various stats of any licensed LFS racer. These statistics include:

  • Some personal info (name, country, birthday...)
  • Last race information (date, host, track/car...)
  • Today's/Total stats (travelled distance, laps, races won...)
  • Online PB's and a laps chart for all tracks

Online Race Results

Shows an overview of all online races of a licensed LFS racer for a given day, or a detailed race information chart, including used car, laptimes, lapcount, pitstops, penalties and of course the final position for each racer.


In this window you can find anything regarding Hotlaps and World Records.

Overview: This tab shows the recently uploaded hotlaps in chronological order and a list of all WR holders. The former one can be filtered to show all, WR's, top 10 or top 50 placements only.

Hotlap charts: Here you can view all ever uploaded hotlaps for a given track/car combo. This is also the place where you can upload your hotlaps. To do so, first click on the "Browse..." button to select the hotlap replay located on your system, then click on "Upload" which will save your hotlap to LFSWorld. Additionally you can quickly compare two hotlaps by clicking on the "C" located in the hotlap chart.

WR's: Lists the World Records for all configuration/car combos for a given track location. You can download the replay by clicking on the laptime displayed beneath the WR holder's name, or go to the corresponding hotlap chart by pressing the "»" below previously mentioned laptime.

Racer details: In this part of the Hotlaps window, you can see the fastest hotlaps of a certain racer. Furthermore, each hotlap has a time comparison to the current World Record and to the WR Benchmark, which equals the WR + 3% (example: On a track with a WR of 2 minutes, the WR Benchmark would be 2:03.600).

Ranks: Text here.

Compare: Text here.

My online car-skins

This window allows you to view, upload and delete your online car skins. These skins can then be automatically downloaded by other players when you play online on a server with them, so you don't have to distribute your skins manually anymore.

Some online charts

Provides a monthly (or all-time) top-50 player chart for most distance, laps, won races and finished races. Additionally to that, you can also find the overall track and car usage statistics in here.

My LFSW settings

text here

My LFSW Credit

text here

Live Alert

Live Alert is a background process that will check at regular intervals to see if anyone in your buddy list is online in LFS. You can add racers to your buddy list by clicking on just about every racer name you see here on the LFS Desktop (a menu will appear), or you can manually add racers to your buddy list in the 'Your Profile' section of the LFS Racers database.

Live Alert also checks if you have received new messages and it refreshes the chatterbox window if it's opened

LFS Messages

Here you can send messages to and receive messages from other LFS users, wich is comparable to e-mail. If you have enough credit, you can even send an SMS message to another LFS player (if the player entered his/her mobile number at the SMS alert page). Sending to any phonenumber either an LFS user or not is also possible.


Here you can enter short messages to be read by other members viewing LFS World. It's public so keep it clean here. No offensive or adult material should be posted.