Rony's Tuesday's Fun Race

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Rony's Tuesday Fun Race
RTFR logo.png
League type Mixed Classes League
License Various
First season 2011
Seasons 7 seasons
Organizers Rony (Eclipsed)
Race Green Events

The Rony's Tuesday Fun Race (RTFR) is a mixed classes racing league run by Rony and Race Green Events. Its inaugural season was held in 2011. RTFR is a semi-weekly event and is held on Tuesdays. It's a free and ready-to-race type league and its main goal is to organize a fun race for everyone who just wants to have fun and race, without the need of signing up and committing to a whole scheduled season.


The upcoming car/track combo is picked by Rony and is usually announced on Sunday (the weekend before the event). The combo is chosen so that one event uses non-slick tyre or road cars and the other one slick tyre cars, so the events are varied and all are unique.

The event is held in the evenings. There is a qualification before the race: the qualification lasts an hour and racers can join any time during the hour-long quali to set their times (only those are allowed to participate in the race, who have set a valid time during the quali). Between the quali and the race there's usually a 10-minute break. Races are 30-minutes long. Although this is a fun race, the Rules of Clean Racing should be followed.