Rony's Tuesday's Fun Race

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Rony's Tuesday's Fun Race
RTFR logo.png
League type Single event series
Signup Not required
License Various
First season 2011
Seasons 7 seasons
Organizers Rony (Eclipsed)
Race Green Events

The Rony's Tuesday's Fun Race (RTFR) is a single event series run by Rony and Race Green Events. Its inaugural season was held in 2011. RTFR is a semi-weekly event and is held on Tuesdays. It's a free and ready-to-race type league and its main goal is to organize a fun race for everyone who just wants to have fun and race, without the need of signing up and committing to a whole scheduled season.


The upcoming car/track combo is picked by Rony and is usually announced on Sunday (the weekend before the event) in the RTFR forum thread. The combo is chosen so that one event uses non-slick tyre or road cars and the other one slick tyre cars, so the events are varied and all are unique.

The event is held in the evenings. There is a qualification before the race: the qualification lasts an hour and racers can join any time during the hour-long quali to set their times (only those are allowed to participate in the race, who have set a valid time during the quali). Between the quali and the race there's usually a 10-minute break. Races are 30-minutes long. Although this is a fun race, the document of Rules of Clean Racing should be followed.

There are no starting numbers and any special in-game name requirements.


129th RTFR on Westhill
135th RTFR on Rockingham
  • Late January 2008 - the first sanctioned races were organized by Rony as part of the local Latvian community, filling gaps between the only league back then. The first race was held at Aston using GTR cars. There were only 4 participants and only 2 finished the race. Later, 3 races were held every week with different attendance (up to 13 guests).
  • May 2008 - Rony changed the schedule and change from organizing 3 races per week to only one, held every Tuesday. Half a year later Rony named the races "Rony's Tuesday's Fun Race" and added numbering to each race. A simple rating system has been created to keep track of the races and results. Races were hosted on a better internet connection and peaked at over 30 qualifiers, but rarely exceeding 15 drivers at finish.
  • January 4, 2011 - after 3 years in the local (at that point slowly reducing) community, Rony organized the first "International" level event and published info in the LFSForum calendar (which was the main source of league schedules back then). Besides the usual Latvian drivers, the event was joined by 2 Lithuanians and also a Bulgarian driver - only the latter finished the race. The event received the "International" tag to keep it separated from the national version.
  • July 2011 - after a few months of disappointing attendance, the national version of RTFR was ditched - a total of 115 races were held. The International event carried on.
  • March 31, 2015 - the new Westhill version was released just in time for the centennial celebration race, shattering attendance records with 40 participants. Starting with the next event (101st), the "International" tag was dropped because it's the only RTFR out there anyway.
  • January 15, 2017 - RTFR Extra Large has been announced and it's organized alongside the original semi-weekly RTFR. Basically, the same rules are applied as in RTFR, with some changes: there is a mandatory pitstop (with a total stoptime of 10 seconds), there's only a 20 minutes long qualification and these races are longer (the races are scheduled to last 1 hour and 15 minutes). RTFR XL happens every fourth Tuesday, alternating between RTFR Tuesdays.


  • The official RTFR spreadsheet can be found here: RTFR Rating and Statistics Spreadsheet
  • Clicking on most of the race numbers (for example 3rd) will take you to the event post on the LFS Forum.
All RTFR events and winners
Number Date Car Track Laps Winner
1st January 4 XFG+XRG FE4R 10 [STO]Kars'88
2nd January 18 FBM SO4R 20 CR|troy
3rd February 1 XRT AS3 15 A.Pavars'
4th February 15 XFR BL1R 25 spdonub
5th March 1 LX4 KY2R 16 [STO]Kars'88
6th March 15 FOX AS6 12 [STO]Kars'88
7th March 29 FXO FE3 20 [STO]zz'69
8th April 12 FZR SO5 26 CG™»Litro
9th April 26 FZ5+LX6+RAC AS2 26 [STO]Krabits'92
10th May 10 FXR FE5X 27 pedoreno
11st May 24 UF1 SO1R 30 [STO]PromiLe'25
12nd June 7 BF1 AS7R 21 CG™»Litro
13rd June 21 RB4 FE1X 28 [SR] A.Jonaitis
14th July 5 XRR AS1X 27 CoRe C.Kistner
15th July 19 XRG KY1 35 [SR] A.Jonaitis
16th August 2 FO8 KY3X 8 [STO]Krabits'92
17th August 16 LX4 AS2Y 9 CR|troy
18th August 30 UFR SO6R 28 CG™»Litro
19th September 13 RAC FE2Y 12 [MRc]Matiss
20th September 27 XFG+XRG FE4R 27 [STO]Kars'88
21st October 4 FBM BL1X 21 [TR]Invecs
22nd October 18 MRT AU1 37 PLZ-vincper
23rd November 1 FZ5 FE3Y 24 FAC Harri K.
24th November 15 XFR WE1R 18 CR|troy
25th November 29 XRT AS1Y 11 3id N.Ðaković
26th December 13 UF1 FE3X 19 spdoreno
27th December 27 FO8 AS4 15 spdoreno
28th January 10 FXO FE4 11 spdoreno
29th January 24 BF1 SO4 25 3id N.Ðaković
30th February 7 LX6 KY2X 17 spdoreno
31st February 21 FOX AS2Y 20 Niki Ðaković
32nd March 6 RB4 AS1Y 39 CR|troy
33rd March 20 XRR SO6 31 LT - edgatas
34th July 24 XRG FE3 18 YoRap
35th July 31 UFR AS2X 15 MTDZX-qeD
36th August 14 RAC FE4R 17 3id J.Holmes
37th August 28 FBM FE2X 13 3id J.Holmes
38th September 11 FZ5 WE1 18 [STO]Kars'88
39th September 25 FZR KY3Y 8 ixion.zeus
40th October 9 UF1 BL1Y 22 ixion.zeus
41st October 23 FXR AS6 13 3id J.Holmes
42nd November 6 LX4 FE3X 20 ixion.Zeus
43rd November 20 XFR SO4R 19 ixion.Zeus
44th December 4 XRT KY2R 16 ixion.Zeus
45th December 18 BF1 FE4X 16 ixion.Zeus
46th January 8 XFG AS2X 15 YoRap
47th January 22 FO8 SO5 29 TEM/Y.Laprevotte
48th February 5 LX6 BL1 24 gggggg
49th February 19 XRR FE1X 35 Iron|J.Vähäkuopus
50th March 5 RB4 FE2Y 14 ixion.Zeus
51st March 19 FOX KY3 15 Iron|J.Vähäkuopus
52nd April 2 XRG SO1 33 ixion.Agent
53rd April 16 UFR KY2 18 Iron|J.Vähäkuopus
54th April 30 RAC AU1 54 S M.Kapal
55th May 14 MRT AS1R 35 S M.Kapal
56th May 28 FXO KY1 40 FiredUp
57th June 11 FZR AS2X 19 Agent
58th June 25 LX4 SO4 18 R2R™ Otto
59th July 9 FBM AS1Y 27 Agent
60th July 23 XRT FE2Y 20 Agent
61st August 20 XFR KY3R 13 S M.Kapal
62nd September 3 FZ5 AS6X 10 [STO]Kars
63rd September 17 BF1 BL1 36 RGˆRony
64th October 1 UF1 SO5 18 YoRap
65th October 15 FXR AS7Y 27 TEM/Y.Laprevotte
66th October 29 LX6 FE3 22 M.Velikov
67th November 12 FO8 AS2 36 RGˆRony
68th November 26 XFG KY2R 15 [FU]Nilex
69th December 10 FOX FE4 14 PSC
70th January 7 XRG AS7 13 Laipnieks
71st January 21 XRR KY2X 20 GenR A.Valta
72nd February 4 RB4 SO6R 26 CoRe A.Laipnieks
73rd February 18 UFR+XFR FE3R 23 CoRe A.Laipnieks
74th March 4 FXO AS1X 19 RGˆM.Velikov
75th March 18 FZR SO2 42 RGˆRony
76th April 1 RAC BL2 31 RGˆM.Velikov
77th April 15 FBM SO4 20 RGˆM.Velikov
78th April 29 XRT AS2X 16 RGˆFαlcon
79th May 13 MRT AU1 25 Camoradi
80th May 27 LX4 AS7R 15 RGˆLitro
81st June 10 BF1 WE1 27 v\A.Wiśniewski
82nd June 24 FZ5 SO5R 22 K.Jaunzemis
83rd July 8 FXR FE3 27 cq.arco
84th July 22 LX6 AS1R 35 CoRe A.Laipnieks
85th August 5 FO8 FE2Y 16 [WCL] A.Valta
86th August 19 UF1 FE6R 57 CoRe I.Juusto
87th September 2 XRR AS3 19 Corse\ M.Stankus
88th September 16 XRG KY3 11 CoRe A.Laipnieks
89th September 30 FOX SO6 31 CoRe Juusto
90th October 14 XFG FE2 23 S M.Kapal
91st October 28 UFR AS1X 26 v\A.Wiśniewski
92nd November 11 RB4 BL1 23 RGˆLitro
93rd November 25 FBM FE1 50 Botsi
94th December 9 FXO SO1 38 RBR|David K./4
95th January 6 FZR AS2 34 RGˆRony
96th January 20 XRT SO4 18 RGˆM.Velikov
97th February 3 XFR AS7 16 Camoradi
98th February 17 LX4 FE1X 30 v\A.Wiśniewski
99th March 17 BF1 AS2X 22 [WCL] A.Valta
100th March 31 XFG WE1 16 CoRe Juusto
101st April 14 MRT WE5 36 v\A.Wiśniewski
102nd April 28 FZ5 KY1 43 S M.Kapal
103rd May 12 FXR WE2Y 25 RGˆRony
104th May 26 LX6 WE3X 12 [TC-R] P.Butcher
105th June 9 FO8 KY3X 15 TEM/Y.Laprevotte
106th June 23 XRG WE1Y 16 TEM/Y.Laprevotte
107th July 7 XRR SO5 26 v\A.Wiśniewski
108th July 21 UF1 WE1R 15 cq.arco
109th August 4 FOX AS1 41 = 36 = J a t i
110th September 1 FXO KY2X 23 [TMS]M.tunç
111st September 15 UFR WE1 19 v\A.Wiśniewski
112nd September 29 RB4 BL1Y 30 ineX M.Wentjärvi
113rd October 13 FBM AS7R 17 Botsi
114th October 27 RAC WE1X 16 TEM/Y.Laprevotte
115th November 10 FZR FE1 52 S M.Kapal
116th November 24 XRT WE2R 14 TEM/Y.Laprevotte
117th December 8 XFR SO6R 26 23-troy
118th December 22 XFG RO1 19 A.Valta
119th January 5 LX4 RO2 25 GenR Joona
120th January 19 BF1 WE2 23 v\A.Wiśniewski
121st February 2 FZ5 AS3 16 ineX M.Wentjärvi
122nd February 16 MRT RO2X 27 v\A.Wiśniewski
123rd March 1 XRG BL1 21 GenR Joona
124th March 15 FO8 WE1 24 [SR] S.Litmanen
125th March 29 LX6 SO6X 18 ineX M.Wentjärvi
126th April 12 FXR AU1 59 JAM Joku123
127th April 26 UF1 RO9X 26 (\/) J.Pickard
128th May 10 FOX RO10 20 24-P.Kubinji
129th May 24 FXO WE3X 13 [TC-R] P.Butcher
130th June 7 UFR RO6X 43 MareX #88
131st July 5 RB4 AS2 26 [TC-R] P.Butcher
132nd July 19 XRR AS7 18 TEM/Y.Laprevotte
133rd August 2 RAC BL3 32 TEM/Y.Laprevotte
134th August 16 FBM WE1 20 Botsi
135th August 30 XRT RO4 20 [TC-R] S.Rose
136th September 13 XFR FE2X 23 MTDZX-UM21
137th September 27 XFG SO6R 23 11-Botsi
138th October 11 FZR WE2R 21 56-P.Kubinji
139th October 25 LX4 AS2Y 17 86-CoRe L.Kovács
140th November 8 BF1 KY2 25 v\A.Wiśniewski
141st November 22 XRG WE1X 19 [TC-R] P.Butcher
142nd December 6 FXR RO2 32 [TC-R] P.Butcher
143rd December 20 XFG RO3 41 [TC-R] Nick
144th January 3 MRT FE5X 27 MTDZX-Arska
145th January 17 FZ5 RO1 22 MareX #88
146th January 31 FO8 BL4X 26 Botsi
147th February 14 UF1 AS2 21 gggggg
148th February 28 UFR SO1Y 37 [SR] Riddick
149th March 14 LX6 AU1 35 v\A.Wiśniewski
150th March 28 FOX BL1 28 Teho | Altsu
All RTFR XL events and winners
Number Date Car Track Laps Winner
1st January 24 XFG WE1R 37 AA™| Mikke
2nd February 21 FXO BL1 55 AA™| Mikke
3rd March 21 LX4 SO4R 42 322 L.Paddewwa

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