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Endurance Pros
Endurance Pros logo.png
League type Endurance league
GTR league
Signup Required
License S2
First season 2020
Years active 2020–
Seasons 1 seasons
Organizers Team Rock Racing
cholover7 (rockclan)

Endurance Pros (EnduPros) is an Endurance league run by Team Rock Racing and cholover7. Its first round started on February 22nd, 2020.


The idea behind the 2020 Endurance Pros by cholover7 was very simple: slowly revive endurance racing for Live for Speed and with it make a send-off to every track environment before the big update comes. With a 11-car first event, filled with action and overtakes, the 2nd edition around Aston was an absolute slammer of succes with 28 cars making the grid and over 65 drivers taking part. The Endurance Pros will turn into a proper series after the 3rd edition around Westhill.

Format and rules

The default format is still being searched for: currently experimenting from the 1st till now the 3rd event, to be prepared for a proper format once the series launches. The idea is, together with New Dimension Racing (NDR.) sanctioning, to host 2 qualifying days, and of course the race day. On Sunday and Friday, before the main event there are two 60 min-long qualifyings, with 30 min per class. The race is held on Saturday.

Future events should all take 6hr apart from the season finale that will be 12hr.


4h of Aston Historic Spotter Guide
8h of Westhill Spotter Guide
Endurance Pros rounds
# Round Date Track Length Results
Winner Time 2nd Gap to leader 3rd Gap to leader
1 6h of Kyoto Ring February 22nd Kyoto Ring GP Long (KY3) 6 hours #51 Team S1DUS
6h 01:55.63 #99 LFS.HU
+11.85 #01 TRR/WCL
2 4h of Aston Historic March 28th Aston Historic (AS4) 4 hours #12 Noob Racing
4h 00:14.96 #87 Master Race Car
+35.02 #42 Super Serious Racing Team
3 8h of Westhill May 9th Westhill International (WE2) 8 hours

6h of Kyoto Ring

4h of Aston Historic

8h of Westhill

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