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League type {{{type}}}
[{{{website}}} Official website]

This template is used on pages of LFS leagues. Some parameters are REQUIRED (to avoid showing odd things in the infobox) and there are also optional parameters like season number and administrators of a league.

Template documentation

Required parameters

  • name: name of the league
  • logo: a picture from the shared repository. Format: BestLeagueLogo.jpg
  • type: the type of the league (for example Endurance league, Single seater league, Mixed classes league, GTR league, Drift league, 24h Race, Single event series)
  • signup: is there a signup requirement or not? You have to input one of the following: yes / no
  • license: the minimum required license to participate in the league, you have to input one of the following: Demo / S1 / S2 / S3 / Various
  • website: website or forum of the league. Format: http://bestleague.org

Optional parameters

  • logosize: the width of the displayed logo, in pixels. You shouldn't need to use this, as if it's not given, the default value will be used (235). Format: 220
  • prizepoolcurrency: if there is a prize pool, choose currency. When used, prizepool is required. Currently supported currencies: $ USD and € EUR. Format: usd
    • prizepool: if there is a prize pool, input number only. Format: 1000
  • firstseason: a year, when the first season of the league was concluded. Format: 2010
  • yearsactive: a period when the league was active. Format: 2001–2006
  • seasons: a number of seasons. Format: 4
  • orgs: list of the organizers. Format: StrictOrganizer1, KindAdmin2, AFKAdmin3

Copy-paste format

{{League infobox
| name        = 
| logo        = 
| logosize    = 
| type        = 
| signup      = 
| license     = 
| prizepoolcurrency = 
| prizepool   = 
| firstseason = 
| yearsactive =
| seasons     = 
| orgs        = 
| website     = 


Example League
League type Endurance League
Signup Required
License S2
Prize pool $1000 USD
First season 1542
Years active 1542–1583
Seasons 14 seasons
Organizers StrictAdmin1, AFKAdmin3