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The complete LFS Editor version history from it going public, up to the latest patch.

To see the complete version history of the LFS client itself, see Version History (complete).


23 May, 2023

Various improvements in layout and organisation
Tooltips are now available (allows reduced button text)
A new button to show the view from driver's eye position
Editor sliders now have both arrows on the right
FIX: Spare wheel pitch now expressed in degrees
FIX: Nudging of RPM sliders in engine editor


18 May, 2023

FIX: Position of screen buttons during 2D rotate or scale (D26 bug)


17 May, 2023

Mod Export:
A new limit of 8192 triangles / 12288 vertices for LOD2
Groups are compressed when exporting for test or upload

A new function "reduce detail" is visible with triangles selected
A point is selected if unambiguous after merge to green or average


13 May, 2023

A new style dialog is now used for merge points (ALT+M) options
FIX: Points more likely to remain selected after scale or lathe

Vehicle editor:
For flashing pit speed limiter light - choose brake or rear fog
Width / ratio / rim width move in bigger steps with right click
Frame position adjustments use expected steps for mouse clicks

Limited sidecar support:
Lone wheel (e.g. front) can be offset left (in Suspension tab)
- offset wheel to right is currently disabled for compatibility
Pair of wheels (e.g. rear) can be longitudinally staggered
- only the rearmost wheel of a staggered pair is driven
- anti-roll is disabled when the pair is staggered

NOTE: You also need LFS test patch D25 for:
- one-wheel-drive sidecars
- pit speed limiter flashing light using fog light


9 May, 2023

Switches for various options previously controlled by Race Class
- Indicators / Headlights / Pit limiter light (in 'Light Colours')
- Handbrake / Horn / Starter Motor (in 'Allow')
- Oval suspension arms (in 'Suspension')
- Grooved slicks (in 'Wheel Object')
Modeller move in list UP/DN: move more with SHIFT or right click


3 May, 2023

FIX: More specific fix for issue with sharing for development


3 May, 2023

FIX: Subobject names were not saved when sharing for development
New dialogs for extrude / lathe / create a circle of points


23 Apr, 2023

FIX: Editor ray check did not work on selected subobject if show subobs NO
Info about triangle / point errors is not repeated for mirrored subobjects


20 Apr, 2023

ESC or SHIFT+X from Modeller do not give warning of changes if entered from Vehicle Editor
You can hide subobjects other than the selected one: show subobs NO (with subobject selected)


5 Apr, 2023

Hotkey for "hide/unhide (un)selected" changed from X to H (like blender)
- small H button at top left to hide/show message history (old H function)

Left click increments should now always be smaller than right click
- previously this was not consistent for all types of buttons
- as before, CTRL may do smaller steps, SHIFT may do larger steps
- this change should apply to distance, colour, angle and scale

Find button for error triangles or points now selects all as expected
- previously only selected the first point or triangle in the list


2 Apr, 2023

New function "invert" to invert selection (selected - unselected)
Point merge options now on one line and includes distance merge

Improved merge by distance to update every second if merge is long
- you can watch the progress and stop at any time by pressing ESC

Improved handling of bad normals and some of the reasons for them
- triangles that are too small or too thin are separately listed
- triangles as small as 1/3 of a millimetre can contribute normals


30 Mar, 2023

New 'find' buttons to select error triangles or bad normals
New button to select a point by entering the point index
Index of a single selected point or triangle is displayed
Rearranged buttons in tri mode to line up with point mode


29 Mar, 2023

Vehicle editor:
Spare wheel can now be offset laterally (set RIGHT value)
FIX: Save as SIT / STR name now limited to 7 characters
FIX: Dashboard texture can now be updated in a 2D view

Removed message spam about bad normals - instead a report is displayed at the top right in the modeller. This feature is not yet finished as I would like to add a button to help by selecting one of the offending points or triangles.


27 Mar, 2023

Ability to name subobjects (right click name or description)
You can now undo "load main object" (reverts to old object)

Vehicle editor:
FIX: Crash if vehicle mod had more than 64 materials
Mod with too many materials cannot be exported to test in LFS


19 Mar, 2023

CTRL+O: load main object
ALT+M: Merge points (previously known as Fuse points)
New feature to merge points by distance (in ALT+M dialog)
FIX: Crash on reload textures in map mode / wireframe view

Vehicle editor:
CTRL+O: load vehicle (was CTRL+L in D13)


28 Feb, 2023

E: extrude selected points (with trace enabled in point mode)
CTRL+F: flip selected triangles (in tri mode)
CTRL+F: flip connected triangles (in point mode)
Single click (no confirm) in "Select type of extrusion" dialog
Mouse control now works below 1cm from the plane (down to 1mm)
FIX: Crash on reload textures with no cutout or page selected

Vehicle editor:
CTRL+L: load
CTRL+N: new


14 Feb, 2023

CTRL+N (new) CTRL+D (duplicate) and DELETE added to more editor modes
- now working in subob, point, tri, map, cutout, page modes

Editor mode selection:
SHIFT+S: subob
SHIFT+T: tri
SHIFT+P: point
SHIFT+B: build
SHIFT+M: map
SHIFT+C: cutout
SHIFT+G: page
SHIFT+V: view

S: select selection's points / select connected triangles
X: hide selected (points or triangles)
SHIFT+X: hide unselected
ALT+X: unhide all


12 Feb, 2023

CTRL+N: create new point at object centre
FIX: Editor crashed on creating a new car


11 Feb, 2023

CTRL+D: duplicate triangles or points in tri or point modes
SHIFT+P: select selection's points / select connected triangles [changes to S in D12]
Disabled point selection by middle button in build and point modes
FIX: Values in default setups are corrected as needed for mod upload


9 Feb, 2023

FIX for crash when exporting from D8


9 Feb, 2023

Number plate texture s_plate is now visible in modeller 'page' mode
Rotated subobjects can now be correctly merged into the main object

You can now break off triangles from a subobject into a new subobject
> LFS Modeller Suggestions / VladM

Select or deselect multiple triangles by holding down CTRL and LMB
- move the mouse to nearby triangles to keep selecting or deselecting
> LFS Modeller Suggestions / Facu23

Maximum speed for each gear is now visible in the vehicle editor
- you will need to click the '-' button beside reload textures
> Test Patch D4 / BeNoM

Max subobjects to be drawn in editor increased to 40 (was 32)
> Mods System Bug Reports / Evolution_R

Aligned "select selection's points" and "select connected triangles"
- these were misaligned in 2D modes if a selection box was visible
- it can be useful to click them repeatedly - much easier if aligned
- select box and deselect box buttons were moved up in point mode

FIX: Wireframe view went wrong or crashed on "reload textures"
> Mods System Bug Reports / iiiiil

FIX: Rim disappeared if you clicked "reload textures" in spoke edit


Sep 2, 2022

A fix for a cover image bug introduced in the C2 version (cars appeared too small)


Aug 27, 2022

A fix for the cover image screenshot produced when exporting a large mod
Corrects an audio bug if a bad value is set in the LFS engine sound editor


Apr 8, 2022



Apr 8, 2022



Mar 18, 2022

You can use the mouse to click where you want to type in dialog


Mar 15, 2022

New selected text system:
If text dialog is initialised the text is shown as selected
Selected text will be replaced by the next character entered
Use left/right arrow or home/end if you want to edit the text
Right click slider initialises dialog with the current value
Use CTRL+A to select all text in the dialog (e.g. to delete)
NOTE: There is no partial selection - it's all or nothing
Triangles that span two cutouts are detected - message shows index
New button in tri mode "index" - select triangle by entering index
Faster generation of wireframe when you click the 'wire' button
FIX: Error "It doesn't matter what image is on the selected skin"
FIX: OBJ file import can now handle infinite or nan vertex values
Vehicle editor:
FIX: Engine sound names are now limited to ASCII character set
FIX: Animation names now limited to ASCII and the correct length
FIX: Confusing message when texture limit was slightly exceeded


Jan 8, 2022

Steering wheel (ONE WAY) minimum value reduced to 30 degrees
Added a check for unexpected selections when selecting a subobject
Checks and warnings on some values for bikes in Steering/Driver tab
FIX: You could not type in the "Steer" value in Steering/Driver tab
FIX: Bug in freehand scaling or rotating points in editor 2D view


Dec 15, 2021

Zero / negative values now accepted for 'scale' and 'set distance'


Dec 13, 2021

New function to subdivide the selected triangles
- use this function with care as it can create unshared edges
New function to set distance of selected points from green point
Included RB4 with reverted default setup + 10mm shorter wheelbase
Maximum aspect ratio of a tyre increased to 90 (was 80)
On selecting all points or tris the last selected is preserved
- e.g. select a point then press CTRL+A - same green point
New function 'scale from green' in 3D view to scale in 3D
- this was available only in 2D views before
H/V buttons beside 'scale' in 2D views for horiz/vertical scaling
- you can also right click the S/arrow buttons when you hold CTRL
FIX: Scale selected points in 2D views other than main axis views
- for both cases: CTRL+click the S/arrow buttons or type in scale
FIX: Crash in animation editor after clicking reload textures


Dec 9, 2021

More detailed RB4 included


Dec 8, 2021

New buttons to create skin templates in 'page' mode:
- create shaded skin texture
- black and white skin texture
- white background wireframe
- black background wireframe

Number of points and triangles per spoke object now depends on the
number of spokes - maximum for all spokes of a wheel is now 1600

FIX: Mouse direction (for selecting triangles, etc) was calculated
wrongly if aspect ratio of visible area was wider than 16:9


Dec 4, 2021

Support for single spoke objects
- Can load an OBJ file as a spoke object
- Automatically sets to 1 spoke in that case
FIX: Crash when deleting the second-last surface of a rim


Nov 30, 2021

Increased maximum size of fuel tank to 600 litres
Object positions 'forward' value can now be set from -6m to +6m
Increased tyre section width to 600mm and rim width to 23 inches
Delete / merge subobject now preserves order of other subobjects
Enter new value for X/Y/Z - text entry initialised to current value
Front torque split setting now shown on the left below centre diff
FIX: Front torque split overlapped final drive ratio with 7 speeds
FIX: Load / save vehicle frame now uses data\frame folder (not frm)
FIX: Texture names were not always the same each time mod exported
FIX: Skin texture set in "page" screen vanished on reload textures
FIX: Editor display of "del" button for selected colour was wrong
FIX: Crash related to different materials on a mapping's cutouts
FIX: Badly adjusted bike screenshots as handlebars were ignored
FIX: Editor allowed the last remaining mapping to be deleted
FIX: Crash after loading an object with no mappings at all
FIX: Crash when setting Max Drag to a value near zero


Nov 12, 2021

FIX: Arrows did not move the value of EV max power slider
FIX: Crash after loading a wheel rim cross section


Nov 6, 2021

Initial release