Mini-FBM Series

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The Mini-FBM Series is a league run by New Dimension Racing, using a 37% restricted version of the Formula BMW.

General Series Info

Mini-FBM features a calendar of around 5 rounds, using a combination of short circuits such as Aston Cadet, and a selection of AutoX layouts, custom built for Mini-FBM racing


The Mini-FBM Series all started off at the end of the LFS Beginner's Cup's first season. A special 'suprise race' was organised with these cars, as part of the LFSBC post season festival. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it, and demanded more! A single race on a LOTA AutoX layout soon developed into a well structured league.

Hall of Fame

Listed below are the podium finishers in Mini-FBM

Season 1

  • 1st: Kenneth O'Keefe (racer hero)
  • 2nd: Taha El Alaoui (evilpimp)
  • 3rd: Toni Tossavainen (Naamavelli)

Season 2

  • 1st: Fredrik Enersen (audimasta)