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List of abbreviations used in Live for Speed.


4WD - Four wheel drive


AA - Anti-aliasing
ABS - Anti-lock braking system
ADM - Administrator
AI - Artificial intelligence
AF - Anisotropic filtering
AG - Automatic gears
ARB - Anti-Roll bar
AS - Aston (S2 track)
AU - Autocross (S1 track)
AWD - All wheel drive


BC - Button clutch
BF1 - BMW Sauber F1.06 (car)
BH - Brake help
BL - Blackwood (DEMO track)


CMD - Command
CMX - Car mesh export (as in CMX Viewer)
CONN - Connection(s)
CPW - Cheat protection warning
CRU - Cruise (wrong way allowed) (list of hosts)
CT - Clutch temperature


DDS - DirectDraw surface
DEDI - Dedicated LFS server (no graphics)
DF - Downforce
DFGT - Logitech Driving Force GT (racing wheel)
DIFF - differential
DS - Distance


EXEC - Execute
END - A popular suffix for endurance (long races) setups (for example KY2_racer_end)
ENG - Engine


FAQ - Frequently asked questions
FBM - Formula BMW FB02 (car)
FCV - Force cockpit view
FE - Fern Bay (S1 track)
FF - Force Feedback; Front engined, front wheel drive
FFB - Force Feedback
FO8 - Formula V8 (car)
FOX - Formula XR (car)
FOV - Field of view
FPS - Frames per second
FR - Front engined car, rear wheel drive
FWD - Front wheel drive
FXO - FXO Turbo (car)
FXR - FXO GTR (car)
FZ5 - FZ50 (car)
FZR - FZ50 GTR (car)


GTR - Grand Turismo Racer (car class - FXR, FZR, XRR)


HEL - Helmet
HL - Hotlap
HLVC - Hot lap validity check
HOT - A popular suffix for hotlap setups (for example KY2_racer_hot)
HP - Horse power


IP - Internet Protocol


JOOS - Join out of synchronisation


Kn - Keyboard (no-help)
Ks - Keyboard (stabilized)
KY - Kyoto Ring (S2 track)


LED - Light-emitting diode
LMB - Left mouse button
LFS - Live for Speed
LFSW - LFS World
LSD - Limited slip differential
LOD - Level of detail
LRF - LX6-RaceAbout-FZ50 (car class - FZ5, LX6, RAC)
LWR - Lower control arm (suspension)
LX4 - LX4 (car)
LX6 - LX6 (car)
LYT - Layout file


M - Mouse
MHR - Main Hotlap Rank - 18 combos chosen for offline hotlapping at LFSWorld
MID - Allow mid-race join (list of hosts)
MOD - Allow vehicle mods
MPR - Multiplayer replay
MR - Mid engined car, rear wheel drive
MRT - MRT5 (McGill Racing Team) (car)
MSG - Message



OOS - Out of synchronization


PASS - Password
PB - Personal Best
PIT - pit stop; pit stop required (list of hosts)
PTS - Points
PTH - Path


QLY - Qualifying enabled (list of hosts)


RAC - RaceAbout (car)
RAF - Replay analyser file (car telemetry)
RB4 - RB4 GT (car)
RCM - Race control message
REF - Refuelling allowed
REV - Reverse direction
RMB - Right mouse button
RO - Rockingham (S3 track)
ROK - Rockingham (S3 track)
RR - Rear engined car, rear wheel drive
RST - allow car reset (list of hosts)
RWD - Rear wheel drive


S1 - Stage 1 (an LFS license consisting of demo content + additional 6 cars and 3 tracks)
S2 - Stage 2 (an LFS license consisting of demo and S1 content + additional 11 cars and 3 tracks)
S3 - Stage 3 (an LFS license consisting of demo, S1 and S2 content + other additional contents)
S/F - Start/Finish (line)
SC - Sector; safety car
SEL - Allow guests to select tracks (list of hosts)
SET - Setup
SO - South City (S1 track)
SPEC - Spectate
SPR - Single player replay
SPR - A popular suffix for sprint (races of moderate length) setups (for example KY2_racer_spr)
SS - Send Setup
S-S - Single-Seater (car class - BF1, FBM, FO8, FOX, MRT)
STD - Standard (car class - XFG, UF1, XRG)


TBO - Turbo (car class - FXO, RB4, XRT)
TC - Traction control
TCP - Transmission Control Protocol
TB - Theoretical best
TM - Time


UDP - User Datagram Protocol
UF1 - UF 1000 (car)
UFR - UF GTR (car)
UNA - Allow unapproved mods
UPR - Upper control arm (suspension)
UTC - Coordinated Universal Time


VER - Version
VIS - Remote cars fuel visible
VOT - Allow vote kick / ban (list of hosts)
VR - Virtual Reality
VSYNC - Vertical synchronisation
VWS - Volkswagen Scirocco (car)


W - Wheel
WE - Westhill (S2 track)
WR - World record


XFG - XF GTI (car)
XFR - XF GTR (car)
XRG - XR GT (car)
XRR - XR GTR (car)
XRT - XR GT Turbo (car)