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Vehicle Mods
Vehicle Mods at

As of Live for Speed version 0.7A, support for vehicle mods has been added. The mods system is available for all S3 license holders. There is an integrated mod submission system on the official website, where people can submit their mods to be used by other people online. When you enter a server with mods, they are automatically downloaded to your computer like skins.


To be able to use or create vehicle mods, you need to be registered on the official website and you must own an S3 license. If you do not have an S3 license yet, you can buy it on the official shop page.

How to install vehicle mods

In-game vehicle mods browser accessible from the car selection screen
Vehicle mods browser available at

There is an integrated mods browser in LFS itself, which can be shown by going to the lobby screen and clicking the Mods button. The same button is also located at the bottom right of the Cars screen.

You can also browse all available mods on the LFS website by going to the Files section - Vehicle Mods page. You can view the technical specifications, description and screenshots of each mod, give it a rating or leave feedback in a comment. You can download and install the mods automatically by clicking the "DOWNLOAD & INSTALL" button on the mod detail page. For this to work, you must have LFS 0.7B or higher and have your LFS application associated with the lfs:// protocol. The LFS associations can be downloaded here.

How to create own vehicle mods

Further information: LFS Editor
LFS Vehicle Editor

Mods are edited in a dedicated program called LFS Editor, which consists of a vehicle editor and a modeller. To make a mod, you can build a model (3D mesh) directly in the LFS modeller or start by importing one from another program, e.g. Blender, then make adjustments and apply texture maps within the LFS modeller.

To create a drivable vehicle with your model, you could either start from scratch with a new vehicle or choose an existing car as a starting point. Adjust wheel positions, mass, suspension, engine and so on.

How to upload own vehicle mods

Further information: Vehicle Mod Submission

A vehicle mod created in LFS Editor can be exported and uploaded to the LFS website. Reviewers will check that it follows the rules and publish / reject / request changes. When published, the mod can be downloaded in LFS and used online using the integrated mod browser in game.

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