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The main core of LFS involvement is, of course, the racing. Several people have taken the bold initiative to start a league to provide organized races in Live for Speed. These people put in large amounts of time and effort for the league, and do a lot to support this community. This part of the Manual contains information on the leagues currently available in Live for Speed, including when they run, and who to contact for information.

Currently Active Leagues

The following are the leagues and single-race events that are active at the moment.

Name Type of event Cars
16 Hour Race Endurance GT1,GT2,NGT
Absolute Beginner's League Open&Closed League all
Grand Touring Amateur League Endurance GT2
Head-to-Head Racing Series 1-on-1 all
ICON Touring Car Championship League FXR-R
International Grand Touring Championship League GT1
Open Wheel Trophy League FOX,FO8
TBO Challenge League TBO
Murray Motorsport Cup League XFG
LFS Beginner's Cup
Kyoto 250&500
oneGP F1 World Series
Open Wheel Racing League
spdoRacing GP2 Series
UFRC Summer Slam League UFR,UFR-R,UF1

GT1 - FXR, XRR, FZR without restriction

GT2 - FXR, XRR and FZR restricted (different for each league)

NGT - XFR, UFR without restriction

-R - restricted cars