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The Head-to-Head: Racing Series is a unique Live for Speed championship run by Sim Racing Society (SRS for short), with all the races only ever having two racers on track at any one time. Established in early 2008, the series was able to grow out of a manually operated system all the way to a fully-functional, automated system. Head-to-Head won the 'Best new league' award in the 2008 LFS Community Awards.


  • Race Format
    • R.1) Two racers per match, battling it out for two races, rotating leaders during each race.
      • R.1.1) Watch the automated system for it to call your name, join the race (Shift-J), within 60 seconds or you will be automatically disqualified.
      • R.1.2) The faster driver from previous round, or from qualifying will start in the following position to have the first chance at the Pass-to-Win.
      • R.1.3) Pass-to-Win is initiated if the following driver passes the initial leader and wins the race. This driver is considered the match winner.
      • R.1.4) If no Pass-to-Win is initiated over both races than the racer with the lowest combined time wins the match.
      • R.1.5) The loser of the match is eliminated, and the winner continues to the next round of the event.
      • R.1.6) During the final match there is four races instead of two, and the Pass-to-Win rule is not applicable.

Further event rules are published in the official Head-to-Head website's rule page.


The Head-to-Head: Racing Series was originally proposed by Tim Beaudet (blackbird04217). There were a few test events prior to the official league release, being the first one held back in December 2007 under the Storm Racing tag. During the Summer Series '08 the league admins officially announced their own team, the Sim Racing Society.

Hall of Fame

These are all the Head-to-Head winners, since the early days:

The Summer Series '09 wasn't made due to Head-to-Head creator, Tim Beaudet, being away from LFS for several months. The league will be back in 2010 with a new Winter Series.