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* The car skins are located in the /skins directory and can be edited with every graphics program
* The car skins are located in the /skins directory and can be edited with every graphics program
* For adding your own music, see [[Options#Audio|here]].
* For adding your own music, see [[Options#Audio|here]].
* For car physics editing (400 bhp 4WD GTi's, etc) try the [http://www.lfsforum.net/forumdisplay.php?f=25 Unofficial Addons forum]
* For car specification editing (e.g. 400 bhp 4WD GTi's, etc) try the [http://www.lfsforum.net/forumdisplay.php?f=25 Unofficial Addons forum]
=== Is there any new music available? ===
=== Is there any new music available? ===

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About LFS

What is LFS?

Live for Speed is a car racing simulator. It is currently at a S2 Alpha Test stage, the demo free to download and free to play online. It also has no publisher, meaning that the developers have total control and freedom.

Who is developing LFS?

A small development team - Scawen Roberts, Eric Bailey and Victor van Vlaardingen. Just them, no megacorp. inc. ltd. behind LFS, actually there's not even "a company" behind LFS:

We haven't formed a company. Legally we are a partnership with the name "Live for Speed". - Scawen

As of October 2006, Victor has stepped down as permanent 'Technical Support' guy, although he plans to retain a role in LFS in some capacity. His place will be filled by Geraldine, Scawens wife, and she is ideally placed to further the massive contributions made by Victor.

Complete list?

Too many to mention here, see on the credits page.

Where can I download it?


Why should I bother?

LFS is very good, and is one of the best racing simulation to date. Superb physics give realistic handling and superb netcode gives excellent online racing. More than that, LFS offers the chance to join a community with a very close relationship to the developers. Many of the features you see in the the current patch were suggested by forum members.

Release info

When and how will LFS be released?

S1 released 2003-7-13.
S2 Alpha released 2005-6-25.
S2 unknown.

S3 unknown.

How much does LFS cost?

S1 -> S2 upgrade is £12 (As of 2006-5-27, ~22$, 18EUR, ~29AUD).
S2 (includes S1) is £24 (As of 2006-5-27 ~44$, 36EUR, ~58AUD).
For other currencies, see http://www.xe.com/ucc/

What new features are included in S2?

First version of damage, graphical and sound improvements, pitstops, driver changes, new cars, new tracks and much more. The program will be continually updated.

What types of cars and tracks is included?

See here: Cars and Tracks

How can I pay for it?

The location of the LFS shop is here . Payments can be made online directly via credit card or PayPal. Also supported is Moneybookers which is an online payment option for those without a credit card. If you are from the UK, you can send in a cheque.

There are also some localised shops around. These often provide alternate payment options like bank transfer. They also sell LFS on a cd :

If you are from Germany, see here.

If you are from Japan, see here.

If you are from the Czech Republic, see here.

Can I get LFS in my country?

You can buy LFS from any country provided you can make a payment via accepted methods. There are also some local shops where you can buy a license, as is listed in the previous FAQ entry.

Does LFS have a publisher?

No - "our plan is to maintain our independance for total freedom".

The simulation

Why only 1 track and 3 cars in the demo?

Well, the Demo is only a taste of what LFS is. Although you would like more cars etc., it would be counter productive for them to release more, it might reduce sales in the long run. Remember they need to make a living too. If you enjoy the Demo, multiply that by 9999 and you get what S2 is like.

On what cars are the LFS cars based on?

Note: this isn't "an official" list nor "based on list", only observations of what the cars look like by several forum members.

RB4 - Toyota Celica GT4, Toyota Supra Mk4
MRT - The real McGill MRT5
RAC - The real Raceabout

XRG - Mitsubishi Starion, Mazda RX7 and Porsche 944
XRT - XRG with an aero kit and more power
XRR - You get the pattern
XFG - Fiat Punto, Seat Ibiza, Citroén Saxo/AX, Ford Focus, VW Golf GTi Mk3
XFR - Racing XFG
LX4 - Lotus 7, Caterham Super Seven, Westfield SEi

LX6 - See above
FXO - Opel Astra, Honda Civic Coupé, Mitsubishi Galant
FXR - Racing version of FXO
FZ5 - Porsche 911, Ferrari 550 Maranello, Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
FZR - Moooore and Harder
UF1 - Daihatsu Trevis

UFR - Moooore and Harder again
FO8 - Formula 3000
FOX - Formula Renault 2000
BF1 - The real BMW Sauber F1 2006

Can I mod or change the sim?

  • The car skins are located in the /skins directory and can be edited with every graphics program
  • For adding your own music, see here.
  • For car specification editing (e.g. 400 bhp 4WD GTi's, etc) try the Unofficial Addons forum

Is there any new music available?

Yes, http://www.liveforspeed.net/file_lfs.php?name=LFS_MUSIC_ADDON.zip

Are the car engine sounds from a third party developer?

No - the developers have created their own engine sound system (not yet finished).

What keyboard commands are there in LFS?

See the keys.pdf in your Live For Speed\docs -directory or take a look at the keys page in this manual.

I want to fly to the sky... can I?

See http://forum.rscnet.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=57814

What do I do if I have a problem running the game?

If LFS is crashing or hangs post here. Give as much and detailed information of your problem as possible. If you don't know how to do something, please read the readme.txt in your LFS directory and this manual. If you still haven't found an answer to your problem, post a new thread to the Technical Assistance forum.

Can other players see my custom skin? Where do I upload my skins?

Not if you recieve message "Your car's skin was not found at www.lfsworld.net", you need to upload you skin to LFS World. Login to LFSW and double click on My online car-skins icon. This feature is only for licensed players, it doesn't work in the demo.

How to run LFS on a LAN?

Take a look at our hosting guide.

What does VSQPRmp mean?

-V you may vote
-S you can select tracks

-Q race qualify is enabled
-P private host
-R Host is connected to the InSim Relay
-m join mid-race allowed
-p forced pitstop


What is the minimum spec?

The minimum recommended spec is 1GHz with a recent graphics card, but it may run on lower spec PCs than that, so try it and see. AMD Athlon XP 1600+/256MB+ DDR/GPU with hardware vertex shading support is adequate for good LFS experience, any slower than that and you're going to have FPS problems with fullfield online races and more than 8 AI-players.

What controllers are supported?

Pretty much any wheel you can think of. You can also drive with a mouse or keyboard.

Does Live for Speed support widescreen monitors?

Yes, as tested by Widescreengamingforum.com, LFS has full support for widescreen monitors. As well as for multiple monitors. Note: If you use a triplehead resolution (12:3 or 15:4) the HUD is on the center monitor.

I want to run a host from behind a router or connection sharing - which port needs to be open?

The default port is 63392 TCP and UDP, however server admins can select different ports to run their servers on, so that one computer can run more than one LFS server. See http://portforward.com/routers.htm on how to forward the ports in your hardware firewall/router.

Can I use my shifter in LFS?

Yes, shifters and clutches are now supported. See the options pages to set them up.

F9, F10, F11, F12 doesn't work?

You're probably using one of those keyboards with special keys mapped as a second function to the F-keys. Use the corresponding key to switch between the special functions and the F-keys. On Logitech keyboards that key is often called "F-key".

Cars have no rims / Can't see rims / Wheels are invisible?

You probably enabled the Simple wheels setting in Options->Graphics by mistake. For speed you need to enable it, for good graphics you actually need to keep the setting disabled.

After updating to the patch V LFS has started to stutter/has sound problems

Downloading and installing the latest Direct X v9.0c dec2006 version has cured the issue for many users.

The game stutters/freezes approximately every 5 seconds while playing online and single player mode doesn't have this issue?

For some updating the Windows ACPI drivers has cured the issue. First backup all important data. Then go to device manager and expand the computer setting, and right click on Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC and choose update driver from the list.

Why LFS suddenly locked itself, no changes have been made to the computer and windows has not been reinstalled?

When your computer has been in hibernation mode before starting LFS this is known to happen. You need to restart windows and then LFS is unlocked again. Note that similar problem might occur if computer has been in hibernation mode prior to unlocking LFS. Make sure you have restarted windows before unlocking LFS.


Is there a Live For Speed IRC channel?

Yes, on irc.gamesnet.net channel #liveforspeed. Also, CRC has a channel at #crclub on the same server.

Are there any leagues or competitions around?

Take a look at the links page or the leagues-link page at http://www.liveforspeed.net/?page=links (click the LFS leagues-link) or the league forum.


Can I subscribe to a mailing list or newsletter?

Yes you can. Go to the LFS site, login and go to your account details page.

Are any replay analysers available?

Yes, Analyze for Speed and F1PerfView. Download them here.

What if my question is not answered here?

Please read the readme.txt in your LFS directory and this manual. If you still haven't found an answer to your problem, search the forum or post a new thread to the Technical Assistance forum, this will probably answer your question. Before doing this, see How To Ask Questions The Smart Way.

Misc Howtos

How to get colored player? / Type messages in color?

In the text inputbox, press CTRL and choose your color (keyboard shortcut: CTRL+0-8).

0 - Black
1 - Red
2 - Light green
3 - Yellow
4 - Blue
5 - Purple
6 - Light blue
7 - White
8 - Dark green (default)

How to get colored server/host name?

Applies only for dedicated server. For non-dedicated, see above. Open your server's *.cfg file in notepad and edit the host name entry. See above for the color codes and precede the number with a ^ character. Eg. /host=^7Ho^4st Na^7me - would make the host name have colors of the Finnish flag.

How to change function (F1-F8 and CTRL+F1-F8) key message binds?

You can change them in Options -> Game and next to 'Change' click 'F1-F8' or 'CTRL +' button.

How can I type in Greek/Russian/Japanese Katana/Turkish/etc ?

In the text input box press CTRL and click the button between the cancel and OK button and choose the language you want write in (if you click the small arrow, you can see all the characters available in the current codepage).

How does LFS run on a computer with 123GHz/456DDR/XYZ ?

See The unofficial LFS System Benchmark.