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Entry screen


The LFS Editor can be downloaded from the official Downloads page - in the "Additional Downloads - Vehicle editor" section.

First start

Once you have the editor installed, the LFS Editor can be started by clicking the LFS_EDITOR icon in the editor installation folder.

The LFS editor consists of two distinct modes - a Vehicle editor and a Modeller, which can be switched between seamlessly in the editor itself. Additionally, in Options you can set screen settings, modify the driver options or adjust the interface.


To unlock the editor, you need to be registered on the official website and you must own an S3 license. If you do not have an S3 license yet, you can buy it on the official shop page.

Getting started

To get started, you can check reference manual pages for both modes:

There are also guides for various features in the editor:

In addition, there are also video tutorials that can help you:

  1. LFS Mods Introduction (11:49)
  2. LFS Modeller Overview (3:30)
  3. View Controls Overview (3:40)
  4. Updating a mod with a new version (4:06)
  5. Building the Brickmobile: Part 1 - Model (11:58)
  6. Exporting from Blender to LFS Editor (3:01)
  7. Building the Brickmobile: Part 2 - Texturing (9:24)
  8. Building the Brickmobile: Part 3 - First Drive (5:07)
  9. LFS Steering Animation Editor (12:09)
  10. Building the Brickmobile: Part 4 - Level of detail (LOD) meshes (5:43)
  11. Building the Brickmobile: Part 5 - Masses and object positions (5:22)