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Vehicle Mods
Vehicle Mods at

LFS allows S3 license holders to submit their own Vehicle Mods through the LFS website. Reviewers will check that it follows the submission guidelines and publish / reject / request changes. When published, the mod can be downloaded in LFS and used online.


To be able to create and submit vehicle mods, you need to be registered on the official website and you must own an S3 license. If you do not have an S3 license yet, you can buy it on the official shop page.

Vehicle mods are created and exported for submission using LFS Editor.

Before submitting a mod, make sure it follows the vehicle mod guidelines.

Creating a new vehicle mod submission

Bulbgraph.png It is advised to keep track of your progress by creating a thread in the Vehicle Mods - Work in Progress section of the LFS forum.
  1. 1 Go to the LFS website - Files - Vehicle Mods page.
  2. 2 Click the Submit a vehicle mod button.
  3. 3 Click Click to begin your submission. You will be presented with a Vehicle Mod Submission Wizard.

    Submit a vehicle mod button

    Vehicle Mod Submission begin submission.jpg

Mod development forum thread

If you already have a forum thread for your vehicle mod development, you can enter its URL or ID in this section.

If not, you can create a thread in the Vehicle Mods - Work in Progress section of the LFS forum.

Vehicle Mod Submission Wizard - development thread.jpg

Mod name

Next, you will be prompted to enter the name of your vehicle mod.

  • The vehicle mod name must match the file name of the vehicle mod archive you submit later on.
  • The name of your vehicle mod must be unique in the system and may be no longer than 27 characters.
  • It should be a good descriptive name and may not contain swear words or any other inappropriate words.
  • You cannot give your vehicle mod the name of a real vehicle, unless you have permission from the manufacturer.
  • The name must not be very similar to a real brand or model name.

Vehicle Mod Submission Wizard - validate name.jpg

Skin ID

When the submission is created, a unique Skin ID will be generated for your new vehicle mod. A Skin ID is a sequence of 6 alphanumeric characters that identifies your mod.

Vehicle Mod Submission - skin ID.jpg

To continue your vehicle mod submission, you must copy the Skin ID into your LFS Vehicle Editor and then publish the vehicle mod archive which you can submit on the following page.

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