Comunidad Española de Simulación Automovilística Virtual

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Comunidad Española de Simulación Automovilística Virtual
League type Mixed Classes League
Signup Required
License S2
First season 2009
Years active 2009 – Present
Seasons 13 seasons
Organizers CESAV

Comunidad Española de Simulación Automovilística Virtual (CESAV) is a community of enthusiast Live for Speed drivers who organize leagues and other events that take place each Monday evening. Special events are also organized, and they usualy take place on Sundays around noon.

CESAV's first official race was held on October 11th 2009, and took place in Fern Bay Club, gathering 68 drivers with the MRT.

Season event format, Registering, and Rules

Session Start Time Session Duration
Free Practice 21:30 CET 45 minutes
Qualifying 22:15 CET 15 minutes, 1 hotlap or timed
Race 22:30 CET 45/50 minutes (usually w/ mandatory pit stop)
*Two Leg Races 22:15 CET 30 minutes each leg w/ reverse grid

To participate in this community's events drivers must sign up on CESAV's website, and then register for each race.

For further information and details on this process there is a FAQ Thread in the LFS forums where users can seek help from the administrators of this league if needed.

CESAV has its own Rules & Regulations, and disputes between drivers are settled by a board of judges after after the complainant fills in a claim form.


Like many other Live for Speed leagues, CESAV's origins can be traced back to a group of young enthusiasts (most on their late teens at that time) who organised a series of championships based on the LFS demo. After the release of Stage 2, with the dedication and expertise gained so far, (now defunct) was founded in 2006 to bring the championship organization up to a whole new level. By that time, Liga Internacional held races on Sunday evenings and soon enough they met with other drivers belonging to (another S2 site, now also defunct) who used to race later, on Monday nights. After a while, Liga Internacional was renamed to as the non spanish-speaking drivers attendance was very low and continued to organize leagues on its usual Sunday schedule. renamed to around 2009, and closed doors for good in 2014. Drivers belonging to that site sought its place then at, which began to hold league races on Monday evenings and was renamed to, becoming as it is today.

While nowadays the vast majority of CESAV users are based in Spain, the administration has made an effort to make the website as well as the Insim messages available in English, and the league is welcoming again drivers from Europe, America, and the Middle-East.

Present and past seasons

CESAV seasons last one calendar year and are shaped around a league that takes place during the first two quarters of the year. The last half of the season hosts a series of cups (four to six rounds each) focusing on specific themes —GTR, Single-Seaters, Mod Cars, and the list goes on.

Standings for the championship on course can always be found in the Standings page

Previous races results and replays can be found in Statistics and Replays section