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The LFS Beginner's Cup/NDR Challenge is a league intended to unite both Beginners and Experienced racers in Live for Speed. It is run by New Dimension Racing, and is currently in it's third season.

General Series Info

LFS Beginner's Cup/NDR Challenge is a general circuit racing league. The racing season consists of 7 or 8 rounds (varies between seasons), with the final round being a 1 or 2 hour endurance. During these rounds, 6 of the 7 track environments in Live for Speed are visited.

Both the beginners and the experienced drivers race together, at the same event, at the same time, on the same track. For the purposes of points scoring, are placed in different classes, and on occasion, the NDRC drivers may race a more powerful, but similar car (i.e. FBM for LFSBC, and FOX for NDRC).


The idea for LFS Beginner's Cup came from Jack Atkison ([email protected]), when as a new player, he saw a lack of events that were focussed on beginners, and felt that many of the best leagues where ones in which new players simply wouldn't stand a chance. The first season started in January 2008, and a lot of interest was shown in the series. LFS Beginner's Cup continued in much the same way through out Season 2, but with a much higher standard of racing.

At the start of Season 3, a new aspect to the league was introduced: The NDR Challenge. The addition of this was a joint decision between the NDR team, as it was thought it would open the series up to a wider range of drivers, and also allow newer players to get to know the experienced LFS racers.

Hall of Fame

Listed below are the podium position finishers of each LFSBC Season so far.

Season 1

  • 1st: Craig Taylor (TAYLOR-MANIA)
  • 2nd: Timo Hynninen (hyntty)
  • 3rd: Tadas Vaskelis (Kablikus)

Season 2

  • 1st: Yann Laprevotte (Greybull [CHA])
  • 2nd: Darryn Lobb (dizzydarryn)
  • 3rd: David Novak (Hypothraxer)