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To those whom are concerned,

The rules of the Clean Racers Club (CRC) have been used and involved with LiveForSpeed for many many years. The organisation originally set up to give the dedicated lfs'ers the opportunity to race in a secure, clean environment. This was before the release of S2. Once S2 was released, feelings changed and so to did the Clean Racers Club. Developed by its current signataries, MR_B and mkinnov8 into a friendly organisation where clean racers alike could race together, organise their own events and have a clean place on and off the track to get together and discuss topics.

After a few years of trying to provide a service for a shrinking community, the reign of the Clean Racers Club came to an end. However, the rules of the Clean Racers Club were used by many a league and series over the course of time.

The opportunity for RaceSIM came about a few years later when MR_B and mkinnov8, still dedicated clean racers came together again to provide this wonderful community with the means and effort required for clean racing. RaceSIM adopted the original CRC rules and brought them up to date, and to this day we use these rules for each and every series we offer both in LFS and other Simulations.

But as a sign of good faith to those dedicated LFS'ers who are still able to communicate their feelings without resorting to abuse and damn right rudeness, RaceSIM would like to offer a compromise of changing the name of the rules to "Rules of Clean Racing". While still providing suitable credit to both the Clean Racers Club and RaceSIM.

Yours Faithfully,

MR_B/ Kringle


mkinnov8/ Stoney

29th May 2009