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Template documentation

This template allows you to illustrate keyboard keystrokes or a combination of multiple simultaneous keystrokes.


For keystroke combinations, just use extra parameters:

{{key press|Ctrl|Shift|F}}

Renders as: Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + F

To illustrate keystrokes where all keys do not need to be pressed simultaneously, set "chain=" to omit multiple plus signs.

{{key press|Alt|0}}{{key press|1|7|7|chain=}}

Renders as: Alt + 0177

Special characters need to be entered as HTML entities:

{{key press||}}
{{key press|&#59;}}
{{key press|=}}

Renders as: | ; =

or with aliases:

{{key press|pipe}}
{{key press|semicolon}}
{{key press|equals}}
{{key press|colon}}
{{key press|asterisk}}
{{key press|hash}}

Renders as: | ; = : * #

Key symbols:

{{key press|Ctrl}}
{{key press|Shift}}
{{key press|Tab}}
{{key press|Enter}}
{{key press|Option}}
{{key press|Opt}}
{{key press|Command}}
{{key press|Cmd}}
{{key press|Caps Lock}}
{{key press|Up}} 
{{key press|Down}}
{{key press|Left}}
{{key press|Right}}
{{key press|Win}}
{{key press|Menu}}

Renders as: Ctrl ⇧ Shift Tab ↹ ↵ Enter ⌥ Option ⌥ Opt ⌘ Command ⌘ Cmd ⇪ Caps Lock ⊞ Win ≣ Menu

Mouse buttons:

{{key press|LMB}}
{{key press|RMB}}
{{key press|MMB}}

{{key press|left mouse button}}
{{key press|right mouse button}}
{{key press|scroll wheel}}

Renders as: