UF Baby-R Season

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General Series Info

The UF Baby-R Cup was a Cup organised by Concept Racing, using the 45% restricted UFRs, on various short courses such as Fern Bay Club or Aston Cadet. The car aswell as the league became quickly very popular, and even got its own CTRA server at some point.

In Spring 2009, Concept Racing decided to delay Season 3 to organise a new cup, the UF Summer Slam.

Hall of Fame

Listed below are the podium position finishers of each UF Baby-R Season so far.

Season 1

  • Drivers' championship
    • 1st: M.Pesonen
    • 2nd: T.Corken
    • 3rd: J.Parker
  • Team's championship
    • 1st: CR|Slot Cars Racers
    • 2nd: Pirates UFRs
    • 3rd: [dSRC] digiServ Racing Club
  • Independants' Trophy
    • 1st: S.Hill
    • 2nd: M.Pust
    • 3th: T.Falkenberg

Season 2

  • Drivers' Championship
    • 1st: M.Vukicevic
    • 2nd: N.Zivkovic
    • 3rd: R.Salama
  • Teams' Championship
    • 1st: AMT - Restless Granpas
    • 2nd: Flat Frog
    • 3rd: CR Double Dutch