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[[hu:Pályák:Kyoto Ring]]
[[hu:Pályák:Kyoto Ring]]
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Kyoto Ring

In this Japanese environment, the atmosphere is set by the tri-oval - the 'ring', which links together all configurations. The configurations vary a lot - both slow and fast racing is good fun here.


Kyoto Ring Oval
KY1.jpg Short: KY1
Length: 3.0 km / 1.9 miles

A high-banked tri-oval, the fastest track in LFS. The third and final turn is the slowest, having the least banking. The starting line straight has a slight bend in it that can cause a crash if you aren't paying attention. Drafting, fuel, and tire strategies all play a major role on this track.


Kyoto Ring National
KY2.jpg Short: KY2
Length: 5.1 km / 3.2 miles

Part of the track is on the oval, which basically counts as a long wide straight, but the rest of the track is quite narrow and twisty.

GP Long

Kyoto Ring GP Long
KY3.jpg Short: KY3
Length: 7.4 km / 4.6 miles

This configuration has its own pit area and main straight. It uses only one corner of the oval, but has very fast straights and sweeping curves. One of the longest tracks in LFS.

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