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Vehicle Mods
Vehicle Mods at LFS.net

Key Bindings

View controls

Key Function
P Perspective 3D view
F Front
B Back
R Right
L Left
T Top
U Under
V Toggle top and perspective views
In 2D views
Ctrl +
/ / /
rotate 1 degree
⇧ Shift +
/ / /
rotate 5 degrees
Ctrl + ⇧ Shift +
/ / /
rotate 30 degrees

Vehicle editor

Key Function
⇧ Shift + O Options
O View object
A Animation editor
E Edit model
SPACE Reset car
G Show centre of gravity
D Include driver
I Include fuel
⇧ Shift + L Suspension diagram
S Special view
⇧ Shift + X Exit


Key Function
⇧ Shift + O Options
I Invert
S Shadow
DELETE Delete (triangles, points, subobject)
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + A Select all (triangles, points)
⇧ Shift + M Enter mapping mode
⇧ Shift + C Enter cutout mode
M Select main object
C Clear selections
⇧ Shift + F Hide all buttons
SPACE Unhide buttons / Refresh object
ESCAPE Unhide buttons / Exit modeller
⇧ Shift + X Exit modeller
X Fuse points (only in build mode)