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Interactive Keyboard

There is an interactive keyboard available at


Key Bindings

Car Controls

Key Function
LMB Throttle
RMB Brake
S Shift Up
X Shift Down
C Clutch
Q Handbrake
W Left View
E Right View
R Rear View
B Horn
G Flash Headlights
Space Reset Car
L Speed Limiter
O Traction Control
I Ignition
3 Toggle between lights off and low beam
⇧ Shift + 3 Cycle through all sidelights / low beam / high beam
7 Left indicator
8 Right indicator
9 Hazard lights
0 Indicators off

In-Race Car Data

Key Function
F9* Toggle Tyre Temperatures, Surface Loads Display and Clutch Temperature
F10 Toggle Damage Display
and Clutch Temperature
F11 Toggle Live Settings display
F12 Toggle Pit Instructions
(use arrow keys to change pit instructions)
F Toggle Forces view
(force vectors on cars and tyres)
⇧ Shift + L Toggle Suspension View overlay

Note: F9 is also the default key to turn on/off TrackIR. The result of this conflict is that it stops the key from working in LFS.
Changing this key assignment in TrackIR software to something else not used by LFS (e.g. NumPad minus) will restore F9 functionality in LFS.

Game Controls

Key Function
⇧ Shift + R Vote to Restart Race
⇧ Shift + X Vote to End Race
⇧ Shift + Q Vote to Qualify
⇧ Shift + J Join Race
⇧ Shift + P Enter Garage (aka tele-pit)
⇧ Shift + S Join Spectators
⇧ Shift + O Options Screen


Key Function
W Look Left
E Look Right
R Look Behind
Tab ↹ Change View to Next Car (Race Order)
⇧ Shift + Tab ↹ Change View to Previous Car (Race Order)
HOME Return View to Own Car
Ctrl + Tab ↹ Toggle Race Results
N Display Names (Off / Connection List / Names Over Cars)
V Change Camera View
⇧ Shift + U Free View / AutoX Editor
⇧ Shift + F Turn Off All Screen Info
⇧ Shift + M Toggle Mirror On / Off
⇧ Shift + Z Toggle Mouse cursor On / Off
⇧ Shift + F1 Switch to default driver view
5 Zoom In
6 Zoom Out

Free View / AutoX Editor

Key Function
D Distance measurement tool
Ctrl (hold) multiple object selection

Replay Controls

Key Function
1 Watch Replay
2 Save Replay
F2 Reduce Replay Speed
F3 Increase Replay Speed
Space Pause Replay
. / , Frame by Frame

Note: More replay options pop up when you move your mouse cursor to the bottom of the screen.

Chat Input

Key Function
T Open Chat Window
F1-F8 Customizable Messages
Ctrl+F1-F12 Customizable Messages
ALT+F1-F12 Customizable Messages
H Toggle Message History (On/Off)
- Toggle Block / Unblock All Chat Messages
⇧ Shift + - Toggle Block / Unblock All Messages including game messages
Ctrl + C Copy Current Text Selection
Ctrl + V Paste Current Text Selection
Ctrl + X Cut Current Text Selection
Ctrl + H Clear recent messages
/ Scroll Up / Down

Lobby / Garage

Key Function
RMB Change Value In Steps of 10

Connection List Commands

Button Function
SS Send Setup
GREEN S Save a Setup Sent to You
T Request Taking Over a Car
or Hand Over Your Car
Ctrl + ⇧ Shift (hold) Show usernames instead of player names


Key Function
Ctrl + RMB copy the value of any slider
⇧ Shift + RMB paste the copied slider value
RMB (on any slider) directly enter a value
Ctrl + LMB (when text dialogue is open) click on the coloured boxes to change the text colour. When the text dialogue is open, the short-cut CTRL+0 (numbers 0-8) can also be used.

Controller / Sound

Key Function
< Less Force (English keyboards)
, Less Force (extended keyboards)
> More Force (English keyboards)
. More Force (extended keyboards)
⇧ Shift + A Car sound editor
⇧ Shift + C Reinitialize Controllers
⇧ Shift + G Auto gear shift On / Off
⇧ Shift + H Change horn type
⇧ Shift + N Toggle Sound On / Off
⇧ Shift + W Re-initialise Sound
⇧ Shift + K Next Track
Ctrl + M Clip Mouse to Window


Key Function
1 Cast pending vote (only multiplayer)
4 Toggle raceline
P Pause (Only Single Player)
⇧ Shift + F5 Reload current language file (except English)
⇧ Shift + Ctrl + F5 Change game language (cycle through the list of languages)
⇧ Shift + O Output car info to RAF folder (in garage)


Key Function
Ctrl + S Save screenshot in LFS-DIR\data\shots
Ctrl + P Copy screenshot to clipboard
⇧ Shift + F4 Toggle between full screen and windowed mode
⇧ Shift + F9 Set screen resolution to 1024x768
(default, can be customized)
⇧ Shift + F10 Full screen mode at desktop resolution
⇧ Shift + F11 Borderless window (single monitor)
⇧ Shift + F12 Borderless window (multiple monitors)

LFS Editor

See LFS Editor Keys.