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E-Challenge logo.png
League type Single seater league
Mod league
Layout league
Signup Required
License S3
First season 2020
Years active 2020–present
Seasons 2 seasons
Organizers Master Race car
New Dimension Racing

MRc E-Challenge is a single seater racing series heavily inspired by the FIA Formula E Championship, using one of the early LFS mod vehicles - the E-Challenger, which is significantly inspired by the Formula E Gen 2 vehicle. The league is run by the Master Race car team (MRc) in cooperation with the New Dimension Racing organisation (NDR). Its inaugural season was held in 2020. The event requires signing up to participate. All events held within the E-Challenge championship series were broadcasted in full by Sim Broadcasts.

History, Format and Rules

The idea for the Formula E inspired league came from Michal Málek in early 2020. The first official running was held in December 2020 as an one-off event, which was supposed to prove the concept of such racing is doable and viable in Live for Speed environment. It consisted of 100 laps long race at the New York e-Prix circuit replica using the Formula XR (FOX) car. The main idea of the event was to carefully manage available resources, as the race was fuel-limited and competitors had to perform various techniques to save fuel while staying fast. The race (while held back by numerous technical limitations of the game at that time and subsequent low attendance) was considered successful as preparations for another edition of E-Challenge began in early 2021.

The new much-improved edition of E-Challenge was originally supposed to utilise the power-restricted Formula V8 car with road tyres, which would be the closest match to the Formula E Gen 2 vehicle specifications. However the desire for having a better-looking car model on top of the FO8 physics model took a very unexpected way, as it triggered the secret development of LFS Vehicle mods. During the beta testing stage the official E-Challenge competition vehicle (E-Challenger) was developed, with every possible specification being perfect match to the original vehicle.

2022 Competition vehicle


Mod ID FA2989
Drive Mid engined, rear wheel drive
Engine Electric motor
Power 250 kW (335 bhp) @ 9549 rpm
Torque 250 Nm (184 lbft) @ 9549 rpm
Total-Mass 833 kg (1836 lbs)
Power-weight 300 W/kg (409 bhp/ton)
Weight dist 40 F 60.0 R
Battery capacity 57 kWh
Suspension Front: Double Wishbone
Rear: Double Wishbone


Based upon a Formula E Gen 2 racecar, this electric vehicle brings a new fresh air into Live for Speed. With 250 kW of power, instant max. torque starting at 0 RPM, no downforce wings and low grip tyres, this beast is very challenging to drive. Just like the original vehicle it is made for dancing between the walls of tight and twisty street circuits. Not very suitable for high speed tracks though.

Setup tip

Low pressure is the only way to get some grip and heat into the tyres. Due to regenerative braking the brake balance is slightly difficult to get right.

2022 Season event format

Session Start Time Session Duration
Free Practice 15:30 UTC 20 minutes
Qualifying 16:00 UTC 30 minutes, 1 hotlap
Super Pole 16:40 UTC 10 minutes, 1 hotlap for top 6 from Q1
Race 17:00 UTC 45 minutes* + 1 lap
  • * The time is extended in case of SC or VSC

Free Practice

Starts at 15:30 UTC, is 20 minutes long and open to everyone. During the FP, there is a VSC deployment test.


Qualifying starts 16:00 UTC, and is roughly 30 minutes long. Drivers are called to the track in groups of 4-6 cars, in which they can do one outlap and one hotlap. After the fist group is done and spectated, another group enter the track using same format.

Super Pole

Qualifying is followed by Super Pole session, which lasts for only 10 minutes. Top 6 drivers from Qualifying are called to the track one by one from slowest to fastest. Once again, they are permitted to do one outlap and one hotlap. The Super Pole group is locked, meaning no matter how bad time driver achieves in this session, he can not start worse than 6th.


Races start at 17:00 UTC. Races have a flexible distance specified - just like in Formula E, the race is 45 minutes plus 1 lap long. Here however in the case of Safety Car or VSC deployment the extra time is added to the remaining time, assuring competitors have to conserve energy even after SC/VSC periods. The maximum race time is 60 minutes plus one lap. There is no formation lap or rolling start. After the live grid presentation, the race starts with the insim lights.

Pitstops during the race are not required (applies to 2022 E-Challenge season). Spectating is only allowed with Race Director's permission.

Safety Car and Virtual Safety Car is available. On SC restart leader controls the pace. Overtaking is allowed after the car in question (every car to their own) crosses the S/F line. VSC speed is 80 km/h.


Scoring system (2022)
Race  1.   2.   3.   4.   5.   6.   7.   8.   9.   10.  Fastest Lap Pole Position
25 18 15 12 10 8 6 4 2 1 1 3
  • * There was no scoring system in the 2020 running, as it would be pointless to have points in one-off event.

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