TBO Challenge

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TBO Challenge
League type TBO league
Signup Required
License S1
First season 2009
Years active 2009–2010
Seasons 3 seasons
Organizers New Dimension Racing

The TBO Challenge is a series utilizing the Turbo cars in Live for Speed. The event format aims to emulate touring car racing, offering drivers a sprint race, and a longer feature race.

Series History

The TBO Challenge was founded in 2009 by Chris "Wilko868" Wilkinson and Ben "jaws99" Grindle, when they were part of the International Motorsport Association. The series became a New Dimension Racing property in 2010, when Wilkinson joined NDR, and the brand has been kept since. It last ran a full season in 2010, but made an appearance as the NDR Holiday Special in 2017, as part of NDR's 10th Anniversary event.

In 2020 TBO Challenge returned for its third season consisting of six rounds, plus a post-season, non-championship endurance event. All six championship races, plus the endurance will be broadcast in full by Sim Broadcasts.

Series Format

Session Start Time Session Duration
Free Practice 17:35 UTC 20 minutes
Qualifying 18:00 UTC 20 minutes
Sprint Race 18:30 UTC 50 km or 25 minutes
Feature Race 19:10 UTC 85 km or 45 minutes


TBO Challenge - Season 2020
Round Date Track Sprint Race (laps) Feature Race (laps) Broadcast archive
1 11 Oct 2020 Westhill National w/ Chicane (WE11) 12 20 Livestream replay on YouTube
2 25 Oct 2020 South City Chicane Route (SO6) 18 30 Livestream replay on YouTube
3 8 Nov 2020 Blackwood GP Reversed (BL1R) 16 26 Livestream replay on YouTube
4 15 Nov 2020 Rockingham ISSC Long (RO4) 16 27 Livestream replay on YouTube
5 29 Nov 2020 Kyoto North (KY21) 16 27 Livestream replay on YouTube
6 6 Dec 2020 Fern Bay Green (FE2) 17 26 Livestream replay on YouTube
Endurance 20 Dec 2020 Aston North (AS7) 6h Livestream replay on YouTube

Official stream

Season 2020, plus the post-season endurance is broadcast live by Sim Broadcasts:

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