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(Updated due to patch Y and more accurate info on lengths, sorry I can't be arsed to do the roundings/conversions for obsolete/american units at the moment :P)
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|Skid Pad||AU2||N/A||16
|Skid Pad||AU2||N/A||16
|Drag Strip||AU3||0.4 km||2
|Drag Strip||AU3||0.402 km||2
|Eight Lane Drag||AU4||0.4 km||8
|Eight Lane Drag||AU4||0.402 km||8

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Planet Blackwood by KiDCoDEa and DoN
Planet South City by KiDCoDEa and DoN
Planet Fern Bay by KiDCoDEa and DoN
Planet Westhill by KiDCoDEa and DoN

S1 Tracks

S1 tracks
Track Circuit Abbrev Length Grid Size
GP Track BL1 3.307 km 32
Rallycross BL2 1.839 km 24
Car Park BL3 N/A 16
South City
Classic SO1 2.033 km 32
Sprint Track 1 SO2 2.048 km 16
Sprint Track 2 SO3 1.334 km 16
City Long SO4 4.029 km 32
Town Course SO5 3.146 km 32
Chicane Route SO6 2.917 km 32
Fern Bay
Club FE1 1.584 km 32
Green Track FE2 3.086 km 32
Gold Track FE3 3.514 km 32
Black Track FE4 6.559 km 32
Rallycross FE5 2.018 km 32
RallyX Green FE6 0.745 km 24
Autocross AU1 N/A 16
Skid Pad AU2 N/A 16
Drag Strip AU3 0.402 km 2
Eight Lane Drag AU4 0.402 km 8
  • Blackwood - Located in the English countryside, the Blackwood circuit, characterized by a long back straight, is the environment available in the demo. It contains one road and one rallycross configuration, plus reverse for each, and a rectangular parking lot for autocross.
  • South City - Mimicking a city environment, the South City track is distinguished by tight turns and Armcos, and is the most popular S1 track. It contains six road configurations, plus reverse.
  • Fern Bay - The Fern Bay circuit is situated on the Jamaican coast and is a tight and twisty track. It has four road and two rallycross configurations, plus reverse, including the longest S1 road configuation at 6.6 km (4.1 mi).
  • Test Area - A group of non-circuit environments that include:
    • Autocross - A large, flat, L-shaped parking lot with placeable marker objects for custom track layouts
    • Skid Pad - A circular pad for testing a car's cornering ability
    • Drag Strip - A 1/4-mile, eight-lane drag racing strip

S2 Tracks

S2 tracks
Track Circuit Abbrev Length Grid Size
Kyoto Ring
Oval KY1 2.980 km 32
National KY2 5.138 km 32
GP Long KY3 7.377 km 32
International WE1 5.180 km 32
Cadet AS1 1.870 km 32
Club AS2 3.077 km 32
National AS3 5.602 km 32
Historic AS4 8.089 km 32
Grand Prix AS5 8.802 km 32
Grand Touring AS6 8.002 km 32
North AS7 5.168 km 32
  • Kyoto Ring - In this Japanese environment, the atmosphere is set by the tri-oval, the "ring", which links together all configurations. It has one oval and two road configurations, plus reverse.
  • Westhill - The sweeping Westhill circuit, situated in a farming area, provides fast and wide turns. It contains one road configuration so far, plus reverse.
  • Aston - The Aston race track has several long and short configurations within a setting patterned after the English countryside, full of forest and small hills, and it is the most popular S2 circuit. The seven road configurations, plus reverse for each, include the longest in S2 at 5.5 miles (8.8 km). Fast and slow turns, some altitude changes and a fast chicane are the main ingredients to this race track.

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