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#*[[LFS Editor Keys|Keys]]
#*[[LFS Editor Keys|Keys]]
#*[[LFS Editor FAQ|Troubleshooting & FAQ]]
#*[[LFS Editor FAQ|Troubleshooting & FAQ]]
#*[[LFS Editor Guides|Guides]]
#**[[Vehicle Editor Guides]]
#**[[Modeller Guides]]
#**[[LFS Editor Guides|Guides connecting Modeller and Vehicle editor]]
#[[Vehicle Mod Licenses]]
#[[Vehicle Mod Licenses]]

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As of Live for Speed version 0.6W43 Vehicle Mods support has been added.

This page currently is a place holder / new chapter for documentation on this subject. It will probably be a work in progress for a bit.

Certain pages will be protected (locked) for editing by the community as they contain sensitive information. If you would like to address issues on such pages, please leave a comment in the discussion tab, or contact the LFS developers via https://www.lfs.net/contact


  1. LFS Editor
  2. Vehicle Mod Licenses