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LFS Editor
Vehicle Mods

This is a quick start guide how to install LFS Editor and create a mod based on an existing LFS car, test it in LFS and upload it to www.lfs.net.

Install LFS Editor

Further information: Installation
  1. 1 Download LFS_EDITOR_7E_setup.exe.

    You can find the latest version on www.lfs.net - Additional Downloads section.

  2. 2 Run the installer and follow the instructions.

    LFS Editor will be installed in C:\LFS_EDITOR by default.

  3. 3 Open LFS_EDITOR.exe from the installation directory.

    You will be presented with the entry screen:

    LFS Editor - first start

  4. 4 Click Unlock editors to unlock the LFS Editor with your LFS username and game password.

    To unlock the editor, you need to be registered on the official website and you must own an S3 license. If you do not have an S3 license yet, you can buy it on the official shop page.

Load a vehicle

Further information: Vehicle Editor/Load

You can load an existing LFS car from the vehicle editor.

  1. 1 Click Vehicle Editor on the LFS Editor entry screen to open the vehicle editor.
  2. 2 In the bottom right corner, click LOAD. A dialog with a title "Enter name of vehicle to LOAD" will appear.
  3. 3 Select one of the default LFS cars, for example UF 1000 and click OK.

In the Vehicle Editor, you can adjust various settings of the vehicle mod, such as wheels, suspension, engine, lights, dashboard, mass distribution and more. You can also go to the modeller to see the triangles, points or texture pages.