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LFS Editor
Vehicle Mods

Vehicle Editor is a part of the LFS Editor, a program to create vehicle mods. The vehicle editor uses the 3D model made in Modeller and adds wheels, suspension, engine, lights, dashboard, mass distribution and more.

Starting the editor

LFS Editor entry screen

First, follow the instructions how to download and install the LFS Editor.

Once you have the editor installed and run LFS_EDITOR.exe, you will be presented with an entry screen. Click the Vehicle editor button to enter the vehicle editor. You will be presented with an empty editor with no vehicle loaded.

Vehicle Editor modes

The main Vehicle Editor modes are represented by the green buttons in the top left corner.

Load / Save / New vehicle

In the bottom right corner, there are buttons for loading, saving or creating a new vehicle mod:


Vehicle Editor - Configurations tab

There are integrated editors for different purposes:

Gallery icon.png

Shared repository has media related to LFS Vehicle Editor screenshots.