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Wheel Object mode in Vehicle Editor

Wheel Object is a mode in the Vehicle Editor where you edit wheel dimensions, rims, spokes and brake discs.

General options

Concealed Wheels
Use this option if the inside of your wheels is fully concealed (e.g. most road cars). The most obvious difference is that the tyre manufacturer logo will not be drawn on the inside of the wheel. Also the spokes may not be drawn when the wheel is seen from the hidden side. A case where you would not use this option: single seater racing car.
Concealed Driver
Use this option if the driver's body is not usually visible. This is the case for most cars (e.g. road cars and single seaters) and can help the frame rate when there are a few cars around. The helmet will be drawn in any case but the driver's body will not be drawn if the viewer is further away. Some cases where you would not use this option: karts or motorbikes.