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Vehicle Mods
Vehicle Mods at

This is a list of all features that can be set to have a fully working vehicle mod. These features can be edited using the LFS Editor.

Bulbgraph.png To discover how to implement a particular feature in your mod, click the link in the feature name or description, which will take you to the corresponding manual page.
Feature Description / possible values
General settings
Vehicle layout
  • car (4 wheels)
  • three wheeler
  • trike
  • bike (experimental)
  • kart
  • object
Vehicle class
  • object
  • touring car
  • saloon
  • buggy
  • formula
  • GT
  • kart
  • bike
  • van
  • truck
  • F1
  • FSAE
Driver side swap
  • fixed drive side (central, left, or right)
  • selectable drive side (left/right)
Configurations can hide/show different parts of the car in each configuration
Customisable colours
Customisable skins
Collision mesh
Proper car shadow
Default setups
Default colours
Number of cylinders 1-12
  • inline
  • flat
  • V
Transverse position yes/no
Engine rotation direction clockwise / anti-clockwise (from right)
Displacement cubic centimetres
Idle speed revolutions per minute
Redline revolutions per minute
Maximum torque newton-metres / poud-feet at specific RPM
Maximum power kilowatts / horsepower at specific RPM
Torque & power curves
Turbo on/off
Two-stroke on/off
Engine sound
Transmission type
  • no power unit
  • H-pattern gearbox
  • motorbike gearbox
  • sequential gearbox
  • sequential gearbox with ignition cut
  • paddle shift gearbox
  • electric motor
  • centrifugal clutch
Drive type
  • no drive
  • front wheel drive
  • rear wheel drive
  • four wheel drive
Open differential only on/off
Single setting differential on/off - whether a separate power & coast slip percentages can be set in setup for clutch pack limited slip differential
Mass distribution this affects the vehicle's moment of inertia
Total mass kilograms
Fuel tank size litres
Suspension mass kilograms
12V battery mass kilograms
Fuel tank position
12V battery position
Spare wheel on/off, pitch, forward, up
Suspension type
  • rigid (only for karts)
  • linear
  • front fork (only for single front wheels)
  • MacPherson
  • double wishbone
  • trailing arm
Track width (front) metres
Track width (rear) metres
Wheelbase metres - can adjust forward/backward position of rear and front suspension
Kingpin offset metres
Caster degrees
Static camber degrees
Kingpin inclination degrees
Wheels & Tyres
Rim model
Spoke model
Tyre width millimetres
Tyre aspect ratio height as a percentage of width
Allowed tyre types
  • SLICK_R1
  • SLICK_R2
  • SLICK_R3
  • SLICK_R4
Tyre pressure limits kilopascals (min, max)
Rim diameter inches
Number of spokes 1-22
Rim width inches
Brake disc type
  • solid
  • drilled
Brake disc radius millimetres
Brake disc offset millimetres
Driver & passenger seats

Possible to toggle passenger seats and change the position of each seat

This affects the vehicle's mass distribution and total mass

Driver animation sit and steer animations
Internal mirror internal mirror subobject with 's_mirr' texture page
Steering wheel model steering wheel subobject
Steering wheel position heading & pitch (degrees)
Steering wheel turn 30-540° one way
Wing mirrors triangles using 's_mirr' texture page for the mirror itself
Customisable number plate 's_plate' or 's_plate_ALP' texture page
Car lights
  • brake light
  • headlight
  • tail light
  • left indicator
  • right indicator
  • rear fog light (not switchable)
  • front fog light (not switchable)
  • reverse light
Car functions
ABS on/off
Traction control on/off
Engine brake reduction used with traction control
Anti-roll bar on/off
Anti-roll bar live adjustment on/off
Brake balance live adjustment on/off
Rear brake only on/off
Pit speed limiter on/off
Gear indicator
Multi function display
  • gear indicator
  • driven distance
  • current time
FPS gauge
Turbo pressure
Time clock
Water temperature
Fuel gauge
Oil temperature
Oil pressure
Full beam
Left indicator
Right indicator
Rear wing
Front wing
Main body
Maximum lift newtons at 1 m/s
Maximum drag newtons at 1 m/s
Side drag newtons at 1 m/s