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LFS Editor
Vehicle Mods

How to adjust masses of a vehicle mod

Press S for 'special draw' in the Vehicle Editor. You can see the positions of various masses (e.g. engine / fuel tank). You can adjust their positions in the Object Positions section. Also you can edit the 'frame' which is only for mass distribution. Frame elements should be placed around the vehicle, as an approximation of where mass would be. You can get the desired mass and weight distribution by adjusting positions of the cuboid masses and the frame elements.

To create a frame element, you first add points then add a frame element between those points. Click new point then use the drag handles to move the point where you want it to be. With a point selected you can click dup pt to duplicate that point. The new point is in the same place as the point you duplicated, so make sure you move it away. To connect two points with a frame element, clicking to select one point, then hold down ⇧ Shift and click the second point. A frame element should appear and you can change its mass by adjusting the TUBE mass per metre slider bar.

After constructing a frame you may with to increase or decrease the mass of the frame, without adjusting each element individually. In the Mass section, you can see the frame's mass at the top of the list of masses. See plus and minus buttons beside Scale Frame Mass.

  • LMB - big steps
  • RMB - smaller steps
  • Ctrl + RMB - even smaller steps