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LFS Editor
Vehicle Mods

In the animation editor you can edit the sit and steer animations. Press A in the Vehicle Editor to enter the animation editor. Buttons to save and load animations are at the top left. Driver animations are named str_xxx and passenger animations (which have a single frame) are named sit_xxx. The 'xxx' part of the name is up to 7 characters and can be set in the Driver section in the vehicle editor.

To edit a steering animation: (LMB = left mouse button)

  1. Enter animation editor by pressing A in the vehicle editor
  2. Note the buttons show skeleton and show object at bottom right
  3. Select an individual frame on the timeline at bottom left
  4. Select any bone you want to move or rotate (switch show skeleton on and show object off to make this clearer)
  5. Hold Q/W/E for x/y/z rotation - rotate by dragging left or right with LMB
  6. Hold A/S/D for x/y/z movement - drag with LMB in relevant direction
  7. Check for smooth movement by moving the timeline slider
  8. Click SAVE as STR to save the file (in your data\move folder)

Bulbgraph.png The steering animation should contain very little head movement and rotation. The game automatically applies head rotation and lean in real time for steering and lateral force.